Vlogtember Day 7 : Scary Face, Fluffies And Llamas

A busy Monday today in the Mackay household, nothing new there really. How are we all doing in the land of the internet? Watched any new cat videos of late? They are cute although my thing is bunny videos as I am obsessed if you can’t tell. I am finding this whole vlogging malarkey alright, not a pain in the bunny tail yet but we shall see before the month is out.

Here it is, Vlog 7! Enjoy!

Hop hop wiggle wiggle


About Bunny's Pause

Hello, I'm a Author/Poet, Reviewer, Bookworm, Gamer, Music Lover, Wife and Mother! I live in Scotland with my husband, our two sons and a menagerie of animals. I love tea, dinosaurs, books, and am obsessed with pastries and bakery goodness! Check out my Youtube Channel, Bunny's Pause where I Vlog my life, do book reviews and helpful advice videos. I look forward to meeting you all and having tea and cake together! Hop hop wiggle wiggle
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