So…I got an eyebrow piercing! Also I have a bit of a rant!

Yes dear lovely readers, that’s right. I got my eyebrow pierced yesterday! It’s something I have wanted for quite a while, why? You might be asking. Well, because it’s my body and I can do what I like with it *sticks out tongue* speaking of which, I am thinking of getting a tongue piercing. Though I don’t blame you for questioning my decision, a lot of people are dubious of facial piercings…no wait, a lot of people are dubious of any decision made by someone else. Let the rant begin…


Since I have been with my husband I have become accustomed to the odd glances and stares. You see, my husband has an electric blue (when we can afford to bleach and dye it) mohican, tattoos, two eyebrow piercings and one lip ring. I think he looks gorgeous! But there are small-minded people out there that think they have the right to ask, “Why do you have that in your face?” or “Why do you go round looking like that?” I mean really? Do we still live in such a prudish uptight society that we feel the need to question other people’s appearance? Oh …of course we do because everyday people question others on religion, sexuality, career choice, basically our lifestyle choices. Why? Didn’t curiosity kill the cat? Or is it that we just don’t like anything different to what we approve as “normal?” Are we THAT insecure in ourselves that anything outside of the box or even slightly different is seen as a threat to us?

In theory I believe it’s because we don’t understand why people chose to cover their bodies in artwork or have brightly coloured hair. We immediately take offence to it because it’s something we as a person would never do. Everyone has their own opinions to what is “normal” to them. Normal to me is tattoos, piercings and purple hair. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I do it for me, not for anyone else or to be socially accepted by any label. I’m only going to have one life so I choose to live it my way with my rules. Now, if I was the Queen I would bring world peace (inner hippy) and doughnuts to all!

I hope that one day we will live in a world where we don’t feel the need to question every little thing someone else does or criticise others for their lifestyle choice. Why are humans so controlling? What a waste of life! Worrying about why someone else has chosen a certain way to live their life. Will we ever start living again? If you are reading this and you are one of those people (though we can all be found guilty of judging others) then I ask you to stop wasting your time being negative towards others who don’t care about whether you think their lifestyle choice is right or wrong. You are not the Queen of Sheba! Go live your own life, I beg you! Enjoy it! Life is short and quick, it has a nasty habit of being cruelly snatched away from us. LIVE!

While I wait for the human race to grow a pair, I am going to go eat a doughnut!



About Bunny's Pause

Hello, I'm a Author/Poet, Reviewer, Bookworm, Gamer, Music Lover, Wife and Mother! I live in Scotland with my husband, our two sons and a menagerie of animals. I love tea, dinosaurs, books, and am obsessed with pastries and bakery goodness! Check out my Youtube Channel, Bunny's Pause where I Vlog my life, do book reviews and helpful advice videos. I look forward to meeting you all and having tea and cake together! Hop hop wiggle wiggle
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