Baby Steps

It’s crazy how fast your children grow right before your eyes. One minute they are practicing their karate moves inside your womb then next they are telling you to get lost before slamming the door causing the paint to drop off the walls. Oh the joys of parenthood, as quoted by Michael McIntyre, ‘You never love your children more than when they are unconscious but still breathing.’

Anyway, the past four months has strangely flown by but at the same time gone so slowly. Does that make sense? Cabbit is already holding his head up, trying to talk and walk. It’s exciting to see, not to mention fascinating. He’s learning new things everyday like eating bubbles in the bath is not a good idea and he can move on his own without the help of his parents. Just the other day I had finished changing him and held him up to stand to tell him how cute he is when he started moving his right foot forward shortly followed by his left. He was trying to walk towards me with a huge grin on his face. Of course he still needs to be held onto while trying to walk but it amazed me how quickly babies can pick up things. They just know what to do and doesn’t take them long to figure out these small parts of life.

It is truly a privilege to watch your child learn and grown, they just take to things for example yesterday we decided that Cabbit deserved a ‘taste’ of water in a bigger bath tub. So I got in the bath which had tons of ducks floating on top, made sure it was the right temperature for him and popped him in with of course me holding onto him. He took to it like a duck to water (HAHA) he loved it. He was smiling away to himself, splashing and kicking his legs enjoying the water. He then tried to attempt to swim on his front doing cute little ‘frogs legs’ as he went. There was no crying, nothing to show he was in distress or scared. It all went plain sailing (Oh the puns!) I remember my GP telling me that babies hate having baths but when we told her Cabbit loves it she questioned if I had baths when I was pregnant, which of course I did. I LOVE BUBBLE BATHS! DUCKS AND BUBBLES! And she said that might explain why as pregnant women who bathed throughout pregnancy tend to have what she called ‘Water babies’ Whether or not this theory is true I am so happy our son enjoys playing in water, whatever makes him happy makes me a very happy mummy Bunny.

Right, I better get back to it. I have left my husband with our son and I can hear them watching Pokemon together. I want to watch! Pokemon are cute!!!


About Bunny's Pause

Hello, I'm a Author/Poet, Reviewer, Bookworm, Gamer, Music Lover, Wife and Mother! I live in Scotland with my husband, our two sons and a menagerie of animals. I love tea, dinosaurs, books, and am obsessed with pastries and bakery goodness! Check out my Youtube Channel, Bunny's Pause where I Vlog my life, do book reviews and helpful advice videos. I look forward to meeting you all and having tea and cake together! Hop hop wiggle wiggle
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