We were on a break!

Marriage can be a scary concept to anyone. It’s the rest of your life spent with someone you love. They will see every flaw you have, when you’re ill and at your worst. A lifetime of trust and keeping the spark alive. You are bound to each-other through sickness and health, for better and worse. When you lay it out on the table, it’s no wonder people find it hard to settle down. The amount of pressure that is piled upon you before you have even said the “I do’s”. It makes me wonder, what makes a relationship a marriage?

It pains my heart to hear that Emma Thompson has said to the Telegraph that she is all for “taking a break from each other” if done right in a marriage. I love Emma Thompson, she is an outstanding actress bursting with talent but to hear her views on taking year long breaks in marriages makes me unbelievably devastated.

Marriage is not a job or a chore; it is a lifetime of new experiences with the one you love. There is no holiday or yearlong break from marriage; you can’t just run away when things get tough. My husband and I have been through a lot together in the past three years and we only married last year! It makes our relationship that much stronger to know that we can overcome the bad times and beat them off with a battle-axe each. We work together and talk when we think there’s a problem. Every relationship has its problems, no relationship is perfect. If you think it is, then you have a big problem. I find that communication is the key in any relationship, if you keep things locked up inside and don’t voice them to your partner how do you expect to solve them?

Every relationship is different; taking a long break from each other may work for you. Some couples work all hours of the day and hardly ever see their other half but they are both happy with that. Relationships are personal, what works for one couple won’t necessarily work for another. In the end you have to do what’s best for you. Personally, I would hate to take a yearlong break from my husband. We are attached at the hip but still manage to do our own things. We are the sort of couple that will still be holding hands when we are old and grey, like Ellie and Carl in Up! That will be us. Happy and still very much in love.


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