My December Book Challenge

I love to read. I would build a house made out of books if it wouldn’t get all soggy and wet when it rained. I used to read every day for hours on end but lately I have been struggling to do so. I’m not sure if it’s a mix of laziness thrown in with pregnancy but I have been reading a lot less these days.


My problem is I can never seem to read just one book at a time; I have to have several on the go. I have so many piles of books that I have purchased and still have yet to read their first sentences.  I used to read everywhere, while cooking, in the bath, on the bus, you name it; I read there! Books are my friends and I love having one or two safely snuggled in my bag. I just love how you can escape into another world at the turn of the page and meet interesting characters with fascinating stories to tell. It’s magical. Oh books I miss you so!


However! Do not despair for me, for I have set myself a challenge to kick-start my reading habit again.  I plan to read a book a week this month to help get me back into the swing of my old ways.

This week I am starting off with J.K Rowling’s The Casual Vacancy. My brother brought me this book last year for Christmas and I have wanted to read it ever since. I have heard a lot of mixed reviews about it so it will be interesting to see what I make of it. I loved the Harry Potter books and her style of writing but it will be interesting as to see how she writes for adults and the non-magical world.

JK Rowling's The Casual Vacancy

I hate how little books have made an appearance in my life lately but things such as life get in the way. I am determined to get my old friend back; we have had some great times over cups of tea and cookies. I just love the smell of books, old and new. The feel of them in your hands that makes you feel all snuggly and warm. They make you feel so many different emotions and are there for you when you need them most. Sorry Rob, it sounds like I am having a bit of an affair *giggle*

I think they should make a book scent perfume, that would be heaven!


About Bunny's Pause

Hello, I'm a Author/Poet, Reviewer, Bookworm, Gamer, Music Lover, Wife and Mother! I live in Scotland with my husband, our two sons and a menagerie of animals. I love tea, dinosaurs, books, and am obsessed with pastries and bakery goodness! Check out my Youtube Channel, Bunny's Pause where I Vlog my life, do book reviews and helpful advice videos. I look forward to meeting you all and having tea and cake together! Hop hop wiggle wiggle
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4 Responses to My December Book Challenge

  1. Jeyna Grace says:

    I have slacked off too, but I hope to get back into the routine soon. One cannot simply leave books behind.

  2. GirlOnGreen says:

    Did you read the other JK Rowling book? The Cuckoo’s Calling. To me, Harry Potter is the best.

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