Harry Potter Studio Tour (31 Weeks)

A magical few days ago, the husband and I got the chance to go to the Harry Potter Studio Tour in Leavesden. We have wanted to go since it first opened and thanks to a collection of family members’ wedding presents we got our golden ticket! Or should I say our owl delivered acceptance to Hogwarts!


We grabbed the train to Watford Junction where we boarded the shuttle bus that would take us directly to the studio. My heart was beating so fast when I saw the studio in the distance plastered with Harry Potter posters on all sides.  I was a little disappointed I didn’t see any hard-core fans dress up as Harry Potter, there were a few people wearing Harry Potter spectacles but that could have just been their glasses. If I had the money and the costume I would have gone as a Hufflepuff or Buckbeack!


As we entered the main entrance we were greeted with an enormous Christmas tree. We were later told that today was the first day they had put up all the Christmas decorations so we felt extremely privileged to be one of the first few to see them all. It also made the whole experience more magical as Christmas is a special time of year, being together with family and friends. After many photos were taken of the tree and other props like the flying car we queued up to begin the tour. I was so excited and couldn’t stop smiling like a cheshire cat.


We were taken into a room with screens where a brief introduction of how Harry Potter came to be was played to us before then being taking into a cinema with VERY comfy armchairs to watch a five minute film in which Emma Watson, Rupert Grint and Daniel Radcliffe told us about their experience at the studio. After that the screen went up and right in front of us was the Great Hall’s double doors. It was a sight to behold and I wanted to run at them screaming “OH MY GOD HOGWARTS! AHHHH.” But of course I restrained myself. We were taken through the Great Hall and given a bit of background on the set, props, costumes etc. before being told we could make our way around the rest of the tour at own pace.


There are two buildings on the tour, soundstage J and soundstage K, clever I know! There was also an outside area where you can buy Butterbeer and see the Knightbus, Privet Drive, and all sorts of other props. If you go on this tour, you have to and I mean have to try the Butterbeer! It’s scrummy delicious! Very sweet, frothy and non-alcoholic, which was good for preggo-moi. It’s a novelty that I feel lives up to in the books. Would have been nice to have a bigger glass to drink it from but still tastes yummy.


I won’t bore you with ALL the details of the tour (I could write so much) but it is amazing. There is so much to gaze upon, go camera crazy at and just be dazzled by. There is so much detail and it really makes you appreciate all the hard work that went into the films.  It is definitely one to go to if you loved the books and the films. The only improvement I would suggest would to have a few more things that were interactive, so you could get involved a bit more and not just go camera happy. Also be prepared to bring loads of cash if you want to buy things in the gift shop. Prices are very steep and can leave any muggle with empty pockets (where did I leave all my Galleons?!?!). There was a lot I would have loved to have bought but we only had a little bit of spending money to get two chocolate frogs and a purple pygmy puff! Well worth it through.


Oh I wish I was a witch and went to Hogwarts, life would be so much more fun! Damn this muggle born life, oh well back to reality we go.



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3 Responses to Harry Potter Studio Tour (31 Weeks)

  1. Jeyna Grace says:

    I have to try that butterbeer one day. Starbucks’ butterbeer was not up to par.

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