Fabulous Women

I have just watched the most inspiring documentary on 4OD that I have seen in a long time, Fabulous Fashionistas. Directed by award-winning director Sue Bourne, she explores the beauty and the art of ageing in six different extraordinary women.


It was truly a pleasure to watch and I feel as if I have come away a little wiser than I was about ageing. If you’re like me and love watching documentaries and hearing people’s stories I seriously recommend you check it out on the link below, you will be amazed at these women and how inspiring they truly are about growing old.


Like many people in the world, the thought of growing old scares us. It’s the dark unknown that when we reach a certain age the bony hand of death can snatch us up in a second. We worry about our body slowly winding down and not being able to do the simplest of tasks like walk down stairs. But these women take pride in their wrinkles, in the fact that their bodies are getting older. They don’t try and fake it by trying to dress young or have plastic surgery. They keep fit with exercises and take great pride in choosing their clothes that express their personalities. I feel like I have learned a lot from these six different unique women, like how they put me to shame with how healthy and active they are by running three times a week or taking yoga classes. How being fashionable doesn’t have to break the bank, you can find some real gems in charity shops and feel better by giving your money to a charity. The list is endless and I hope that as I get older I will do it in style.

Bridget Sojourner 637480Fabulous Fashionistas, Gillian Lynn 2786

I salute these women, they do not fear death they embrace life. Death is a part of life; you cannot stop it or prevent it. They are sending the message to people to live life as themselves and not pretend to be something they are not. Take chances and risks, enjoy life at its best. As the old saying goes, life is too short.


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