Oh The Pain, The PAIN!

I would love to say that I was rudely awoken this morning by the kids in the street playing some weird version of Harry Potter; they were shouting “Expelliarmus!” at each other and then straight after, “Potato!” (This just made me think of Sam in Lord Of The Rings, boil em, mash em, stick em in a stew) Must be some new craze I haven’t heard of. But alas it was not them that woke me; it was a white-hot, sharp knife stabbing pain in my right side. Every way I turned it got worse, I had felt this sort of pain before so knew it was nothing to worry about as it was probably just my ligaments stretching. Stupid ligaments waking me up.


Lucky I have a Panda looking after me, you know him as Rob. We have no paracetamol so he ran me a hot bubble bath which not only soothed the pain; it also relaxed me a little.  After I got out he made sure there was a hot water bottle waiting. Oh hot water bottle, always there when I need you. You are a good friend. The pain has eased off a little now but comes back with a vengeance when I least suspect it. All part of pregnancy I am told and it’s only going to get worse…fabulous.


Oh god! I am dreading labour. The stories you hear about how it is the most painful thing a woman can ever do such as you feel like your body is being ripped apart in every direction. I still need to decide if I am going to give birth at the hospital or the birthing centre. I’m leaning more towards the birthing centre as I have been thinking about giving birth in a birthing pool. After today I think the water might help claim me down a little, may even request to have a rubber duck to keep me assumed.

Hmmmmm decisions, decisions.



About Bunny's Pause

Hello, I'm a Author/Poet, Reviewer, Bookworm, Gamer, Music Lover, Wife and Mother! I live in Scotland with my husband, our two sons and a menagerie of animals. I love tea, dinosaurs, books, and am obsessed with pastries and bakery goodness! Check out my Youtube Channel, Bunny's Pause where I Vlog my life, do book reviews and helpful advice videos. I look forward to meeting you all and having tea and cake together! Hop hop wiggle wiggle
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