Pink For A Girl? Blue For A Boy?

Like most new mums to be, I cannot wait to find out the sex of my baby. However, I refuse to be one of those mums that go mad with gender specific items. What I mean by this is I will not buy only pink for a girl or blue for a boy. I will not buy into the whole one perceived colour for each sex. You can’t make me! *Sticks out tongue*


I read an article online the other day about a mother who spent £3,000 on pink accessories for her unborn baby girl, imagine her shock when she actually gave birth to a boy. She had been told by the midwife she was expecting a girl and instantly rushed out to buy everything pink, from baby bottles to personalized gifts.  This is madness. There are colours other than pink for a girl and to spend £3,000 is insane! Who has that kind of money to spare these days?! In the end she had to try and exchange everything and repaint the nursery. In my opinion it’s her own fault for sticking to one gender specific colour, sometimes it’s not always 100% if you are having a boy or a girl. They can get it wrong. They are only human after all.

I don’t understand why people do this. It really confuses me. Why do we set our unborn children certain pathways to follow; “You’re a boy so you must like blue” or “You’re a girl so pink is your favourite colour”.  Are we not allowed to introduce them to any other colour? Why should blue be only for a boy? Because he’s a boy? Do you know how crazy and controlling that sounds? That’s like telling people who are gay to be straight.  People are entitled to their choices and freewill, who is to say otherwise? You? Me? What makes us so high and mighty to judge others on their own personal choices or worse yet, dictate their choices for them? I have said it before and I will say it again, the world we live in is a strange, crazy place.

If someone buys my child a pink outfit or a blue outfit I will of course be over the moon. I will be happy that my child has someone who loves and cares about them enough to buy them things.  I will not throw it away. My point is that I, personally will introduce a whole range of colours to my little girl or boy. I will not buy only pink or blue items. I will buy reds, greens, purples, yellows, all sorts so my child has a range of choice. I’m sure there will be times where I dress up my little girl like a princess or my little boy will want to be a pirate, but only if they choose to. I will not force it on them.  If my little girl wants to be a pirate, then she will be a pirate, and a damned good one at that!


I hope people don’t misinterpret what I’m trying to say here which is we shouldn’t as mothers be limited to only one colour per gender. By all means buy pink this and that but maybe try to buy some other colours too, have a variety so it’s not ALL pink. Think about it. Would you, as an adult now only wear just pink? Do you have a pink phone, bed sheets or car? Pink everything? So why do it to our children? Let’s be colourful and paint a rainbow for our children, let us open their eyes to the beautiful colours and shades the world has to offer them. Isn’t that much more interesting and magical than one colour over and over again?

Let’s all follow the example of Elmer the patchwork elephant.


Below is a link for the article I read about the mother who spent £3,000 on pink items.


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