Dear You…

Feeling bad about yourself? Don’t! Watch my new video and hopefully you will feel better <3 Enjoy!

Bunny’s Weekly Vlogs : Starbucks Needs A Cthulhu Cup!


Eggnog eggnog I love my eggnog!!!

Hello one and all! And how are we this mighty fine evening? I have been up to my eyeballs in paint, eggnog and fluffiness! Basically I have been committed to my job as a mother. I just wish it would pay more, HA only joking. I get paid in hugs and kisses from my adorable son. Apologies for my absence as I keep seeming to disappear down a rabbit hole but fear not I shall always return with more wit and humour than before…

It’s that time of year again Christmas!!!…wait a minute…(checks calendar) It’s only November? What the hell? Why are we all going on about Christmas when we are still in November…what a cruel trick indeed getting my hopes up. I am going to cry into my eggnog now.


It does seem strange to me, that we should all be putting up our trees and watching Christmas films when it is only November. What happened to the 12 days of Christmas? I can’t help but shake the feeling that in my old age I am becoming a moody scrooge. That or my husband has rubbed off on me. (Love you really!)


It seems to me that we are a nation (maybe even a world) that really cannot wait to celebrate Christmas, so much so that we celebrate it before the actual day. It strikes me as odd as I have always believed in waiting and indulging in the few special days that are the holiday. It feels much more worthwhile because it is only for a few days and not two/three months of constant Christmas songs and mince pies. (Except for those who have completely lost their marbles and celebrate for most of the year!!!) Why drag it out and go on and on about how festive we are feeling and Oh look another eye-boggling knitted jumper (I do love them).


Let’s savour each moment when it is Christmas. Let’s not worry about the presents or the food but see our family and friends. Take joy in seeing them well and happy. Talk, laugh and be merry. Christmas spirt and all that jazz. It’s a once a year holiday because it is only once a year, not months early before even Halloween has passed, but one solitary day. And lets face it, as soon as Boxing day hits we will be bombarded with the January sales. It’s fat cat heaven!

Yes, I will stop being a scrooge and just to show you that I do love Christmas I strongly suggest you watch this amazing add! It has Mog in it! That is the only reason I can justify it being early. Mog needs to been seen and loved by all!!!

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Bunny’s Book Club Playlist!


I have been stuck down a rabbit hole for the past few weeks, eating cake and drinking tea with a very pink stripy looking cat. He couldn’t stop smiling and talking in riddles.  It was most confusing but he was good company.


How are we all doing? Things have been slow here yet busy, does that make any sense? I have been caught up looking after Cabbit and doing my therapy, not to mention vlogging every week. My writing has taken more than a small set back and for that I am sorry. I hate not having the time to write most days, it’s part of who I am and to neglect it makes me sad. However, I have been reading more. It seems when I do more of one thing I do less of the other. I am struggling to find balance in this wonderland, but soon hopefully, paws crossed it will happen one day.

I thought I would share with you all my Bunny’s Book Club playlist on Youtube so you could all have a little nose at what I have been reading for the past few weeks. If you have any suggestions of books you love, please do share. I am a BIG bookworm and will read anything! Don’t hold back.

If you like you could even subscribe to my channel and keep updated on my crazy life. I wish I could say you would get a ton of doughnuts if you did or endless amounts of chocolate. But I am not a wizard. Apologies.

Have a wonderful day being your fabulous selves!

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The World Of Youtube

Like a bunny lured to a delicious piece of carrot cake, I just couldn’t help myself.

Since I have done Vlogtember, I have fallen in love again with filming and editing. Having studied it for years and doing nothing but it seemed only natural for me to set up a new Youtube channel and make videos. My first Youtube account I have had since I was in college and did a lot of AMVs like finally fantasy and Tomb Raider. I enjoy putting footage to music and telling a story. But I have decided to set up another account to use for my own personal use, my life.

I love documentaries and the idea that I can go back and watch parts of my life when I am older fascinates me. Why am I choosing to vlog and make videos you ask? Because I enjoy it, I can be creative and have always loved being behind the camera and in front of it. Even if I only get a small number of views, I will be happy. I am not looking for five minutes of frame or stardom, I am just sharing my world with others in a creative manner.

Have I sold my soul to the devil by uploading on Youtube? I’m sure I will be fine, I have danced with the devil before in the place moonlight. Happy days.

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Bunny’s Book Club!

Hello dear readers! Are you all well and enjoying this beautiful Autumn weather with your pumpkin spice? I sure am and love that I can curl up in my poncho.


I have decided to do a book club every 2 weeks to help myself get back into reading. Since the birth of my son my reading has taken a mega set back which to me, a bookworm and writer breaks my little bunny heart. So, I am hoping that by sharing the books I am reading and posting every 2 weeks will give me the much needed kick up the bunny tail to get on it! If you are instrested in following me, please subscribe to my Youtube channel to be kept up to date, Bunny’s Pause.

Check out the first video below and let me know what you think or even any books that you would recommend. Would love to hear your thoughts.

This weeks book is :The Loveliest Chocolate Shop In Paris By Jenny Colgan

Have a amazing day being you! 

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Vlogtember Day 30 : THE LAST ONE!

I did it! I vlogged for the whole of September! YES! I am off to celebrate with some carrot cake and tea! Watch my last vlog below! Enjoy and I hope you are all well!

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