My Ultimate Dream Wedding Registry! (BlueStarCooking)

I do love a wedding. Love is sprinkled about like confetti. Everyone is dressed in their finery and wearing the latest fashion trends. And there’s the cake! Must never, ever forget the cake. Wedding cakes are the best! One of my favourite parts is taking some home in a napkin and eating it later in bed. Happy bliss made with love.


Our wedding cake

There’s also another part that I enjoy and that’s the registry. Making a list of items that will help set up our new life together as Mr and Mrs. Writing lists is always fun, there’s something satisfying about the process of it all. However at the time of our wedding we were expecting our son and living with family so we thought best to ask for a small donation of money that would help us buy the basics. Had to be sensible.


Our wedding day

But now I can be silly! Just for fun I have selected three categories of my ideal registry. A little self-indulgence if you will. Things that would have been amazing to have and the stuff that dreams are made of. Enjoy!



1.) Tassimo by Bosch T45 Joy Coffee Maker – (Black) From £99


Being a parent, I live on caffeine! (well, when I’m not pregnant) It’s become a good friend I can rely on when my energy is low after running around after my son all day. I have always dreamed about owning a coffee maker and to me, this is my idea of perfection. Drinking a hot beverage is a privilege as by the time I actually get to sit down with one and a good book, it’s gone cold. A Tassimo Joy Coffee Maker would help solve this problem as by the touch of a button all the hard work is done for you and you’re ready to relax. This little beauty features an intelligent barcode system that identifies your selected beverage. Not only that, it automatically adjusts the temperature, time and amount of water for each and every cup you thoroughly deserve. How awesome is that? A must have for every newlywed. Just think of those lazy Sunday mornings you and your loved one can enjoy sipping your perfectly made coffee. Early Sunday mornings in my case before my son wakes up and starts wreaking havoc. At least I will have had my fix of caffeine to get me through.

2.) Bride & Groom Personalised Bride & Groom Cake Topper £155


Me and my husbands cake topper

I love anything personalised. For our wedding we had our cake toppers designed by Feats Of Clay. A cute chibi representation of us.They even got my husbands mohican and piercings spot on. They are made to likeness as the artist uses photos of you both to mould each tiny little detail. They are truly a work of art and will last for years to remind you of that beautiful special day. Our guests loved them. It almost stole the day they were that good. A must, must must! They will never age and will always remind you of the happy love filled memories of your wedding day. After sitting on top of your wedding cake you can display them in your new home together as a priceless ornament. I plan on keeping ours until I grow old and grey and pass them on to our children to keep as a symbol of mine and my husbands love for each other. Yes, I am getting soppy now aren’t I. Moving on!

3.) Damask 12 Piece Porcelain Dinner Set – Black From 19.99


You’re going to need plates and bowls in your new home together. This is perfect for that job. I love anything with a Damask design, it looks so stylish. This beautiful set comes with 4 place settings, 4 dinner plates, 4 side plates and 4 bowls. Perfect for having friends/family over for dinner. Not to mention they are also dishwasher and microwave safe, you can’t get better than that at this price. Eat up!

4.) Personalised Confetti Mr And Mrs Wedding Print By Birdyhome From £36.75


Bring your walls to life with love with this outstanding personalised print of you and your loved ones surname/s. Available in 6 different real confetti colour combinations and plenty of choice for frames such as white or wooden oak veneer you can showcase your surname/s with pride for all to see. The date of your wedding day is also included so there’s no chance of your partners forgetting any anniversaries. Well. You would hope so!

5.) 12 Doughnut Maker In Red by Andrew James From £21.99


Anyone who knows me knows how much I love my doughnuts. So much so that we put them on our wedding cake. It was delicious of course but they didn’t last long with me around. Having a doughnut maker sitting happily in the kitchen would be my new best friend. I would be making doughnuts every second I get and sharing them with everyone. Nothing says love more than a doughnut. Ever watched BBC One’s Miranda? She was asked once what her first love was, and she answers doughnuts. It’s true love! A match in heaven!


Wouldn’t It Be Nice

1.) 36″ PLATINUM SERIES RANGE From £5,502.29


Green range

Isn’t this just a beauty. I mean look at it. It’s every food lovers dream come true all in one shiny package. I am always in the kitchen baking and experimenting with new recipes. Handcrafted in Pennsylvania since 1880 BlueStar is your very own personal chef. With additional customisation options like backgrounds and knob colours you can have the cooker that you always dreamed of. Food has never tasted so good. I would love to have this in an emerald-green. I’m spoilt for choice at the amount of colours you can choose from. BlueStar have a whole selection of series for you to browse at your leisure from Platinum to Heritage Classic. You are spoilt for choice and guaranteed high-class service. These products are built to last and stand the test of time. There’s nothing worse than a faulty cooker that constantly burns your dinner. Why eat charcoal when you can serve up dishes in style that never disappoint with the BlueStar cooking range. It’s all about restaurant quality performance. Trés Bien.

2.) 36″ BUILT-IN REFRIGERATOR From £6,716.76



This little number will go perfectly with the 36” Platinum Range. I would have this in a dark purple to go with the emerald-green range. Purple and green are my colours! The space this provides is endless! It’s very much like your own Narnia wardrobe or TARDIS. It’s just what I need in my life as I treasure food. I could stock up for months and still have tons of space left to use. It’s the sort of fridge that will give you ideas such as turning your kitchen into your own personal restaurant. Quality home-made food that tastes like a 5 star restaurant. Now that I want a piece of!

3) Tv SAMSUNG UE55JU6800 Smart 4k Ultra HD 55″ LED TV From £849


Me and my husband are big movie buffs. We love a night in watching a film on the telly. We can have a giggle and get all cosy not having to worry about the annoyance that the cinema can be. Sticky floors, popcorn everywhere and teenagers talking loudly. Nope. We are quite content enjoying a film without leaving the house. Even more so if we had this beast of a TV. Samsung has always been a trusted company for me that have proven that I can relay on their products. With 4k ultra HD on a 55’’ inch screen, it’s hollywood in our front room. Movies are meant to be enjoyed in their full quality and this will definitely provide that. Knowing our luck, if we had this people would be queueing up to watch films at our house!

4.) Shout 3 Piece Corner Sofa From £1,395


Going to need a comfortable sofa for all the movie watching we will be doing on our new shiny tv. A sofa is a must. Comfort is key. I love the patchwork design on this sofa and how inviting it is, looks so comfortable. I can already see myself snuggled up with hubby. It has character and personality with all the different patches of fabric, much like us as a couple. We are different but we fit. It just works well together. A masterpiece of sofas.

5) Nikon D5500 Camera (Black) From £415


One of the best presents you can give is memories. Precious, life-defining memories. A good way to look back and reminisce would be with this, a Nikon D5500 camera. Crystal clear images and built-in wi-fi makes it so much easier to share your photos with loved ones. Photos last a lifetime and never age. A moment captured in time that lives on for ages to come. It’s a beautiful thing, to see the life we have lived throughout photographs. From generations before us, to present day and hopefully long into future generations. Being married will bring many more special memories you will wish to capture and this will do that for you in style. Comfortable to handle and a touchscreen for ease of use makes it a prefect wedding present. Say cheese!

In My Dreams


1.) Holiday To Tokyo


I have always wanted to go to Japan. To see the cherry blossoms, explore the Meiji Shrine and eat sushi. It’s a breathtaking city filled with so much history and culture. I want to immerse myself in it all and come back wiser. There’s just something mystical about it all. I would love to be able to speak the language but at times I struggle with English. Lucky I have my husband who is much more educated in the arts of languages and makes sense of it. I on the other hand just come across as Del Boy. Mange tout Rodney, mange tout.

2. Our Dream House


That would be the dream wouldn’t it. To have your dream house on your wedding registry. To get married and move into newly wedded bliss. You really would have it all. Takes me back to my Sim playing days. Spending hours building your dream house, designing it to your personal specifications .Every detail exact, from the colour of the brickwork to how many flowers are in your garden. It’s a very natural thing I believe, to want to build your own home, like animals do. They gather sticks and mud to build a little nest and fill it with love. Maybe that’s why I like watching Grand Designs so much. People actually achieving their dream and building their ultimate house. The best bit is the result at the end of course. Seeing all that hard work to build a home that will last for generations.

3.) Own Personal Library


I am a big, and I mean BIG bookworm. Half of our bedroom is cluttered with my books. Having my own personal library is something I have always wanted since being a child. I can spend hours in my local library escaping away to other worlds and making exciting new friends to go on adventures with. You know that scene in Beauty and the Beast where Beast gives Belle the library. That’s totally me. In awe! Can never get enough of that book smell, new or old.

4.) Disney Cruise For All Our Family And Friends


I would love to whisk all our guests away on a magical cruise to celebrate our newly wed status. It would always be my way of thanking everyone for being a part of mine and my husband’s lives. For supporting us and being there through the good and bad. It would be like a honeymoon but with friends and family. You are never too old for Disney. Never.

5.) Golden Ticket To Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory


Ok, ok I know this one’s silly, but seriously; how amazing would that be to have a golden ticket to Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. Just thinking about it makes me drool. Chocolate, sweets, everlasting gobstoppers! I could go on for days. I have a terrible sweet tooth that makes my dentist bills high. I would literally be a kid in a candy store grabbing a giant gummy bear here and diving head first into the chocolate river. I just hope that I don’t get sucked up a pipe or blow up to the size of a massive beach ball. That would be a bit of a nightmare. I’m sure I would behave if I was given the chance. I think…


Oh to dream. Let me know what you think of my ideal wedding registry. Too little? Too much? Not enough craziness? What items would you like to have on yours? The sky is the limit! Be creative and go wild. I know most of mine revolve around food but I can’t help myself. I love food! Even more so now since I found out about BlueStar, I want my own personalised kitchen so bad! Be sure to check out and their superb range of kitchenware.You will not be disappointed.


Until next time dear readers, take care.

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Oh The Cravings! (Week 17)

Hello lovely readers! I hope you are all well and enjoying a cuppa with a sweet, sugary, doughy, doughnut! I could really go for a doughnut right now! Jam, cream, custard! Any kind just a doughnut! My apologies. My cravings keep taking over and filling my mind with food! Glorious food!


One of the many known facts about pregnancy is the cravings. Oh the cravings! They can be utter bliss at times. While at others a complete and utter chocolatey sticky gooey nightmare. With my last pregnancy I craved things I knew I wasn’t allowed. There is a list of certain foods you can’t or shouldn’t consume while pregnant. For example, runny egg yolk. I love my egg and solders (Yes I am a child) the yolk is the best part! I just love dipping fresh white buttered bread into the gooeyness and watching it pour. A strange satisfaction for me and it tastes like my childhood, delicious and comforting. You also can’t eat raw fish so any type of sushi is a big fat no no. I love, love sushi! I may not be a master at the chopsticks but it’s divine and I could practically live on the stuff. It’s so cruel but completely worth it to avoid these foods while pregnant. Risk of food poisoning and such is not a good thing in any case, especially while pregnant. It’s just torture walking past YoSushi and getting a whiff of that beautiful smell that takes me to food heaven.


I love my food and feel so shame in admitting it, but when I’m pregnant, sometimes that’s all I think about. Food. Food. Oh beautiful Food. It’s strange really because for the first month or so I could’t stomach any type of food. Morning sickness was my horrible friend leeching off me every day, making me gag at everything. Yet now I just want to eat and eat! Must hold self back and have self-control! Do not want to end up the size of a whale although my husband would say I would be a cute whale.

Below is a list of my cravings, most pretty normal really. Well, I like to think they are. I have’t eaten everything on this list by the way, just craved and dreamed about it.

Cravings So Far Throughout Second Pregnancy

  • Sushi
  • Egg and soldiers
  • Walkers Crisps (Any flavour)
  • Eclairs
  • Doughnuts
  • Rice pudding
  • Macaroni and cheese on a pizza
  • Nacho Cheese on a hot dog
  • Clotted Cream
  • Cheese burgers!
  • gherkins
  • spicy pepperami

Let me know in the comments below if you have had any strange or even normal cravings while pregnant. Would love to hear about them…. And possibly even try a few!

I am off to make dinner for the family! Have a relaxing evening whatever you are getting up to!

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I’m Pregnant! Again!

Hello dear readers! It has indeed been a while since I have sat my bunny butt down and blogged. Reasons for that being personal family matters. Things are still up in the air and all over the place but as the annoying saying goes, “Life goes on.” Our lives at the moment can pretty much be described as one of Charles Dickens’ novels, Hard times. However for now, let me share with you something that is a most unexpected journey.


I’m pregnant! Yes, I am pregnant for a second time. Shocked? Hubby and I were as we knew we wanted more children but given our specific situation we did not expect another little family member for a while. But low and behold life has an ironic joke on you at the best of times.


You can just tell when something’s different with your body. You can’t explain it but you just know, you know? I was right and this time I didn’t think it was a stomach ulcer. I felt odd, started being very sensitive to smells, felt a tight pulling sensation on my c-section scar and felt constantly bloated. Husband always teases me saying I’m pregnant and this time he was right. As the word pregnant flashed up on the Clear Blue test, I cried. I cried for joy and fear. Joy because I was having another child with the man I love and Cabbit was going to be a big brother. Fear because of my traumatic experience giving birth last time. However this time I know what to expect should I have to have another c-section. I won’t be unprepared and will fully expect that it may have to go that way. For any of my children to come out alive and heathy, I will put myself through it because it’s totally worth it. I don’t care how much pain or stress my body will go though, I will do it willingly. I feel a hell of a lot stronger this time around. I have a loving and supportive husband who has stood by me through it all. He has seen me at my worst and he’s still here! I think he’s mad, but I love him.


There are a few things that are different with this pregnancy. For one, I have suffered with morning sickness day and night. Why don’t they just call it pregnancy sickness or something because it’s never ever just in the morning! I also keep going off certain foods. One week I will hate chocolate, the next I am craving it like Augustus Gloop! I also keep having dizzy spells at the oddest of times. For example the midwife was taking my blood at our first appointment and after she was done I nearly passed out. Was such a strange feeling as I have never felt like that before with needles. The amount of routine blood test and injections you get given while pregnant you become so used to it. I can’t watch the needle going in so always look away. I honestly can’t really feel the needle going in at times as my pain tolerance has gone up since Cabbit’s birth. A bonus at times as when I got my eyebrow pierced I felt nothing and plan on having a tattoo at some point. Thankfully my midwife is amazing and reassured me that it happens as the body is going through so much stress. Hormones and blah blah. Basically each pregnancy is different, the body is a strange fascinating thing that surprises you in ways you thought it could not. We human beings are stronger than we give ourselves credit for.

I can already feel flutters that will soon be turning into kicks and we have had our first scan. Mogwai, our nickname for baby number two is very healthy but doesn’t like having it’s photo taken, much like his/her father. He/She kept moving away, in the end they made me jump up and down to get baby moving. Husband of course was pissing himself laughing at the situation but after a while Mogwai came into view. Such an emotional feeling seeing this tiny baby inside me. It’s remarkable that I am growing another human life, that my body is catering to all of Mogwai’s needs naturally. Creating life is so beautiful and seeing your child on that screen for the first time really melts you. It reminds you what’s important in life, love and family. We go back in a few weeks to find out if Mogwai is a boy or girl. I feel like Mogwai might be a girl and so does everyone else but if it’s a boy I will be just as happy.


Right, I am off to drink some tea and edit some videos for husband of his final performance at university. Very proud of him! I am aiming to try to blog once a week again and sometimes maybe twice. We shall see how it goes. Have a lovely evening and remember, EAT CAKE! I could really go for some lemon cake right now or carrot because I am a bunny.

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Toddler Tantrums : Inside Out Edition!

What I Actually Do When My Toddler Is Napping…

Good evening all! How are you all doing?

We are well here at the burrow. Today we discovered a new park with a pirate ship! I mean how cool is that? I love when we find new places to play with Cabbit, especially when they are free and awesome! I also got treated to a ‘rose & pistachio mocha’ from Starbucks, a little me time. Heaven! Definitely warmed my paws and tail up as the weather has been freezing!


I have a little treat for you all, below is a new video about what I actually do when my toddler is napping. I hope you enjoy and have a little giggle. I try not to take life too seriously, I’m a big kid at heart and take no shame in that. I live by living in the moment and having no regrets.



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The Pressure Of Parenthood

Cabbit’s 2nd Birthday!

WOW! When did that happen? I mean really? He’s two already? That’s scary! Like really, really scary. One minute I am cuddling our tiny bundle of love in the hospital and the next we are having lightsaber battles with him before a tea party with Darth Vader who has a dilemma, he is secretly in love with Miss Piggy but is engaged to Dinosaur! Oh the drama!

But I would’t have it any other way. He has to grow up, he can’t be a baby forever which make these moments with him now like stardust, magical and extremely rare. Before I know it he will be moaning about how he hates his life and slamming doors and then asking for money to go the pub to get drunk with his friends. It’s normal, we all go through it. I think?

Anyway, for his birthday we decided to go to Brighton because I have NEVER been! I know it’s crazy but these things happen. It was a fantastic day, beautiful weather, lovely company and tons of discovery! Cabbit loved it! He kept wanting to touch all the fish and squealed when they swim over his head. It amazed him and melted my heart at how fast he’s continuing to learn about the world around him.

I of course, being the camera that I am filmed and took photos of the day. Below is two videos, one of the Sea Life Centre and the other of our journey around Brighton Pier. Enjoy and let me know what you think.

I am off to do a bit of reading and relax before the boy wakes up from his nap.It has been a busy Sunday. I hope you are all enjoying today and are feeling awesome for just being you.

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