Interview With The Vampire By Anne Rice (Review)

Happy Valentine’s Day! May this joyful, overpriced, ridiculously high expectations day bring you lovey-dovey statuses and photos of cheap tat that will be in the bin before the Easter bunny comes hopping by. A day dedicated to showering that special someone with gifts because you know; words aren’t enough. We need chocolates in heart-shaped boxes and dozen of flowers to do this. BTW If you enjoy it, I am not judging you, by all means go for it!


And no I am not bitter dear readers. I just honestly think Valentine’s Day is pointless and has become too commercial like all holidays. I have never really seen the point in it all. When you’re in a comfortable, loving, committed relationship, you tell each other every day how you feel. Not save it all up for this one day to show affection. It’s the little things, kisses goodnight, snuggling while watching a movie and just caring and loving each other. Me and my husband don’t give each other Valentine’s cards and it really doesn’t bother us. It doesn’t mean we love each other any less. We tell each other every single day. We don’t need a lavish in-your-face card to tell us that. I’m not going to get angry or upset if he hasn’t covered the bed in roses or got me a teddy bear that says “I wuv you”. We do romance in our relationship every single day. It’s personal and us. Anyway, I digress.


On the blog today I am reviewing Interview With The Vampire By Anne Rice. The first volume of the vampire chronicles (There’s about 17 more books!) I thought it was perfect for Valentine’s day. A romance like no other between inner demons and secret desires. Blood and passion. What more could you need on this romantic day? Flowers that smell like chocolate? That would be pretty impressive. and tasty…


This book is hauntingly beautiful. Rice writes with such passion and eeriness that I could feel the shivers tip toeing along my spin. I was sucked in from the first letter. I yearned to hear more from the vampire. To hear his story of how he became a bewitching and beautiful creature of the night. I envied the boy so much for being told first hand Louis’ story. It felt like an honour to witness his tale of woe and suffering. To never see the sun rise and forever be a servant to the dark. Being surrounded by death and decay while you cease to age a single day.

“I remember that the movement of his lips raised the hair all over the body, sent a shock of sensation through my body that was not unlike the pleasure of passion…”

The imagery and emotions that enchanted my mind was disturbingly poetic. You know you should turn away, that the very idea of a vampire should send you running and yet you don’t. Louis has a certain charm and calmness to him. His manner and very presence made me feel at ease that I can say for certain if I were to encounter him in a dark alleyway. I would not be afraid. I would be curious of his knowledge, his experience and intrigued to learn more. The thought of everlasting life is appealing to us all I should imagine. Yet, as with most things. It comes with a price and the drinking of human blood, no matter how elegantly out of glass goblets, is the harsh reality of the damned.

“The vampire was utterly, white and smooth, as if he were sculpted from bleached bone, and his face was as seemingly inanimate as a statue, except for two brilliant green eyes that looked down at the boy intently like flames in a skull.”

This story has haunted me for days now, the characters, the love, the death. Everything. Rice has managed to turn me, seduce me, making me have a thirst for her writing. I have acquired an appetite for more literature such as this. I need more! More!

I give Interview With The Vampire By Anne Rice a Five out of Five paw rating.

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Seriously, if you have not read this book, why not? And do it now! It’s an experience that you truly won’t forget. Horrific and heart-wrenching at times while at others breathtakingly stunning.

I am beyond excited to start the next volume, The Vampire Lestat. Eeeep! That’s my happy noise!giphy.gif

I hope you all have a lovely day filled with cake, I mean love. Love is cake. Whether you’re in a relationship or not, don’t beat yourself up about this ridiculous day. I swear it’s just to make money now and for everyone to become super competitive with each other. I love you more, no I love you more, nooooo I love you more…

For your entertainment, check out my Valentine’s video I did a few years ago. There are aliens!!!! It’s not Valentine’s day without a few aliens.

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Emotional Cutting

Fear not dear reader, I am talking about a metaphorical type of cutting, trimming or pruning even. I have been struggling with how to discuss this topic as it’s a sensitive one, so I will just come out with it. Today in my blog I am going to talk about cutting ties with friends.


It’s thanks to my therapist that I feel ready to actually discuss this in my blog. I have finally accepted that I haven’t done anything wrong. That it is what it is and I don’t need to keep feeling bad about myself for it. I can finally talk honestly and openly about it and just let go. Damn! Now I have that annoying song stuck in my head, why did I use that turn of phrase! “Let it go! Let it Go!!!!!!” Arghhh!


A wise man once said that if you can count the number of true friends you have on one hand when you’re older, you’re a lucky person. And it’s true; in time friendships do sail different courses, new adventures for some, while others just unfortunately sink down to watery depths of the dark unknown. Disappearing off the radar without a single trace. No-one knows how or why, they just vanish out of thin air. As if some sea monster has gobbled them up and refused to spit out the remains in fear of being discovered itself.

Short of a very, very long story. I had a group of friends as a teenager that carried through till the end of our university days. Once those days were over most of them moved back to our home town while a few of us didn’t. I’m one of those that didn’t and decided to go back into retail work and stay in the flat I was living in with my finance (now husband). Scary and daunting but it was what I wanted and needed to do. No one held grudges and there was no big bust ups or drama thankfully.

Over the past few years there has been less and less contact, only saying Happy Birthday on Facebook and the odd like on a status. My life took a different turn to those back home. I got married, had two boys and moved to Scotland. I was admittedly becoming an adult. Meanwhile my friends back home where still all hanging out, going away together and just continuing with life. And I didn’t begrudge them for that. Of course not, that would be really silly. I think what hurt was simply just seeing photos of them all together on Facebook. Like nothing had changed. I wasn’t there, I felt like I had never existed and felt excluded. It hurt, no…more than that. It cut deep. Drove me into a dark depression of feeling alone. I had no friends around me to just ring up and go for coffee, no one but my husband. As much as he is my best friend I did need something else. Mothers to talk to, women to talk to about woman problems or stuff like that. Don’t get me wrong I share everything with my husband and he does his best. I do love that crazy Panda.


Every time I logged onto Facebook I was presented with photos and photos of my friends smiling and having fun. I learned to just accept and deal with it. I was happy for them and tried to not think too much about it, to just get on with my own life. Then two of my friends who were engaged announced they were getting married soon. I waited hopefully for an invite, a message, something, but received nothing. I saw photos of the hen do and then a joint hen/stag do go up and still waited. It was stupid as I kinda knew deep down I wasn’t going to be invited. That realisation slapped me hard in the face when I was told they were getting married on the same day as my wedding anniversary. That, I was ok with, people don’t remember dates and it happens. I still waited and nothing appeared. It was at that point that I felt cut out of the group and no longer a part of their lives. No invitation. Nothing.


I did the thing I had been avoiding for years. I unfriended them on Facebook and called it a day. I just couldn’t handle it anymore. It was too much. I had been forgotten and I wasn’t going to just sit back and watch from a distance anymore. I kept asking myself what I had done wrong, why hadn’t I been invited, did I even exist anymore? I went crazy with these questions and it was a horrible dark time. I couldn’t talk to them about it, I just couldn’t. It had been too long and I didn’t have the fight in me anymore. I felt weak and just wanted to hide.


Since then none of them have texted, or emailed to ask what happened and I think it’s better that way. It’s silly when I think about it. Almost childish like in a playground but it’s what I needed to do. I couldn’t keep torturing myself with my old life. I had to let go and move on. Make new friends, have new experiences and just live.


And that’s what I did. It wasn’t easy at first in a new place but I got there. I now have a few friends, go to a mum group and have even had a girls night out. It’s been such a breath of fresh air. I feel revived and back to my old self. I am slowly building up my confidence and social skills after so many years of hiding. Slow small steps each day. Looking back now I think of the good times I had with my old friends and leave them in the past. I will be there for them if they ever need me but we are all going our separate ways. Theirs led them back home and mine led me here, to Scotland! Where I review books and live out my passion with my family. It’s been a long exhausting journey but I finally feel like I am home and I belong. Sometimes in life you have just got to cut those ties that are holding you back so you can fly free.


If anyone is feeling alone, please, please speak out. Tell someone and don’t suffer in silence.



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Happy 4th Birthday Cabbit!

WOW! Just WOW! How did we get here so fast? It honestly feels like only yesterday I was waddling home from the doctor’s after being told I was pregnant. And now here I am four whole years later celebrating my little boy’s birthday. It has definitely been an adventure.


Today has been just lovely. Jo-Jo is visiting which makes it even more fun! We have opened presents, played with toys, had a party and even a walk round to visit our friends the horses. A busy but wonderful day. As I type this in the kitchen while dinner is cooking I can hear the beautiful sounds of the boys playing with Jo-Jo and their father. It’s bliss and fills the whole house with joy. Excuse me for a moment while I go join in the fun!


Sometimes in life, you just got to put your phone, laptop, whatever it is down and go and live. And that’s exactly what I did back there dear reader. I stopped blogging and went to join in the madness that was happening in my living room. It’s now a few days later, Jo-Jo has gone home and I am having a cheeky bit of leftover birthday cake with a cuppa. NOM! Why is it that birthday cake for breakfast the next day is always the best? It’s delicious and should be served in fancy restaurants. Like that late night kebab you couldn’t finish from your drunken night out. Or better yet, heated up pizza. Mmmmm Note to self. Stop thinking about food so much as it just makes you hungry. But when the cheese is just melted right…*drool*


Crocodile Cake!

Sadly it’s time to say goodbye to being 3. It was…an experience. A many tantrums, learning to talk more, especially using the naughty words and mispronouncing objects much to our amusement.
“Mummy, look! A COCK!”
“Clock! Cabbit! It’s a clock!” Cue the looks in the doctors waiting room as I have started laughing at how wonderful our dear son can be. Kinda gotten used to those situations now. Think it’s a parent thing. The amount of times our son has turned to me while standing in a queue and announced to everyone that I am a “WOMAN!” while pointing to my boobs. Even as I think about it now I am giggling. I just love how his mind works. Strange child of mine.


I’m not sure what to expect from 4, but what I do know is that it’s going to be awesome. So many new things for our boy to experience this year. A big one is he will be going to school! More learning and discovering. Also more free time for Moi. Muhahahahaha! But in all seriousness, he is going to love it and I can’t wait for all of us to go on this adventure with him as a family.

I’m not crying…I’m not. You’re crying. It’s just so hard to believe that this wonderful little boy running about in front me pretending to be a big scary crocodile eating his brother (He is obsessed with crocodiles at the moment and I don’t blame him, they are pretty cool) was once a small little squish. Oh dear, I’m tearing up again and it’s getting harder to see the keyboard. Words…blurry…struggling…to…type…

Heres to another year of mischief, fun and laughter.
Happy Birthday son!



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Life Seemed Good, But…. By Richard Bell Review

Life. It’s a strange yet funny thing isn’t it. One minute you are invincible and feel like there is nothing you can’t do, the next you’re crashing down and stumbling into a dark pit of drunken despair. You are dealt the hand you are given and unfortunately there are some things that you simply cannot change. Oh how I wish it wasn’t like that but annoyingly this is how this whole life stuff works. Sucks doesn’t it? Yet do not despair dear reader for I have a book for you this week that can’t help but make you smile.

The first book of the year I have chosen to review is a collection of short quirky stories, Life Seemed Good, But.… By Richard Bell. Bell used writing as therapy when his wife got leukaemia and a portion of the proceeds from the sales of this book is donated to the Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science for cancer research. A terrific cause so please be sure to grab yourself a copy if you like my review.

Pop on your aluminium foil hat dear readers and prepare to enter a world like you have never witnessed before. Popcorn at the ready? Lets go!


The best way for me to describe this book is fairy tales for grown ups. Plain and simple, adult fairy tales. Just because we are no longer children doesn’t mean we don’t deserve a good fairy tale, and these stories are perfect for that. I especially enjoyed the vampire twist on Cinderella, Cindervampire. It was a fresh take on the classic we all grew up with and made me start thinking about all the other fairy tales in a gothic style. Ironically when you actually think about it, fairy tales by authors such as the Brothers Grimm where much more dark and disturbing than the Disney versions that are told today. Bell’s tales are magical yet with a very realistic view on life. Each story tries to teach the reader something, a moral or message.

“And now, in reading this, you’ve also killed some time. What kind of monsters have we become?”

It is definitely an experience I highly recommend. I can promise you it won’t be a waste of time, or will it? Nahhh but in all seriousness it’s worth a read.

Bell’s writing style is quirky and witty which makes me giggle childishly at how strange life can be. He is ironic and a tad sarcastic but it really works well within the stories. It brings them to life and each one has it’s own personality.

“The old goat claimed she had been set up and framed and it was all a ba-a-a-ad misunderstanding.”

I love me a good use of imagery and boy was I in for a treat. His images did waltzes around my brain, leaving me feeling enchanted and wooed.

“I vividly recall that gloomy, early evening when the clouds were ominously green and swirling like the proverbial frog in a blender.”

I had never before considered that a potato could possibly have feelings and that we pretty much eat them alive. My Pet Spud really made me think and view the world in a different light. I saw Bell’s image of a huge potato king roaming the lands and telling everyone off for eating his kin. It made me laugh, yet was still a terrifying story when you think about it.

“Unfortunately, Spud got his final revenge. Everyone who ate of him turned into a permanent couch potato with an overwhelming appetite for daytime talk shows.”

I found myself questioning everything around me. When I cracked an egg into the frying pan. Was that a small, faint scream I heard? Had I just murdered an egg and cooked it alive in front of its family. When I was boiling pasta on the hob, was it slowly burning to death and crying out in pain?

“Desperately he screamed, “I am Grilled Cheese Sandwich and I want to live!” while glaring at her. All she noticed was the chatter of the cafeteria.”

It’s intriguing and I admire this different way of thinking. Giving food, objects, anything a personality. It’s creative and genius when you think about it. Why shouldn’t they have a personality. The world needs more stories akin to this. They are just dying to be heard.

There are a lot of real and relatable themes that Bell works his magic on to make them laughable to numb the pain. He touches on sensitive topics in a humorous way, which helps desensitize them to the reader making them less frightening or hard to deal with.

“As a zombie I have more confidence because, what’s the worst that can happen? I get rejected? Look at me. Nobody’s perfect, pal, not even you.”

Life is bizarre and even in the worst of times you have to laugh. Bell does this beautifully to the reader. One minute you are relaxing on chocolate beach and then suddenly you are transported to the land of Oz telling off that pesky little dog. Don’t forget the bed bears! They only come at night. Never forget the bed bears dear reader.

Most, if not all of the stories intertwine with each other or with the characters from previous stories. It’s cleverly done and adds to the realism that this world is out there somewhere. I suspect that we are closer to it than we like to believe. Very close.

My favourite story from this collection is Santa’s New Rules. I love this idea of making Christmas a raw harsh reality, no more candy canes as it promotes an unhealthy lifestyle. No magic. No wonder. Nothing.

“Santa has to release all his reindeer since having them pull his sleigh is considered cruelty to animals. As they never learned to fend for themselves in the wild, they soon starve to death on the frozen tundra.”

Again, it’s a twist on something we have all loved and grown up with. To take that away is similar to that feeling you felt when you discovered that Father Christmas wasn’t real. (Theres still no proof!) and the world becomes a little more gloomy with rain clouds at every turn. I admire how Bell has taken this idea and made it his own. He doesn’t try and mask the brutal and depressing reality of the world we live in. He tells it to the reader straight and basically that this is life, we should make the most of it before it leaves rudely without a polite goodbye.

I give Life Seemed Good, But… By Richard Bell a Five out of Five paw rating.







I absolutely loved this book and can’t recommend it enough. It’s witty, amusing and darn right bizarre, but it has a charismatic charm that hooks you on each page.

Grab yourself a copy here! Don’t forget that a portion of the proceeds from book sales is donated to Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science for cancer research.

Check out the links below!



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The Greed Of Our Generation (A Rant About Youtube If You Will)

I was watching Youtube the other night, as you do, in the comfort of my warm cosy home with a content stomach and cup of tea in hand when I realised something. It was like lightning had struck my head, “I’ve just had an apostrophe.” as Smee would say. Several generations today are simply full of greed.


The video I was watching was a haul of what someone had gotten for Christmas. I wasn’t even that interested in it to be honest with you. It had just popped up on my suggestions. About a few seconds into it I thought, “Why am I watching this? This is so pointless.” It felt like all this stuff was being rubbed in my face, “Look what I have and you don’t.” It may not have been that particular Youtuber’s intention, but it came across that way. It was just utterly worthless, the whole charade.

This is what Youtube is turning into these days. “Look at my perfect life with my big house, busy lifestyle and many friends.” It’s all a pretence to come across as something you’re not to your audience to make money. Now you can’t deny that ‘serious’ Youtubers are simply doing this for the money can you? I’m talking about the big Youtubers who are making money and have turned it into a job. If they did’t upload they wouldn’t get paid. They need to advertise and catch sponsors to keep earning. I’m not dissing people making a living from this, BUT Youtube has now turned into nothing but advertisements and many, many hauls off STUFF people have brought. It’s such a depressing sight to witness.


The Youtuber I was watching had been given multiple duplicates of the same item and just said “I’m all stocked up for a while now” I couldn’t help but think how pointless. Why not donate or gift to friends if you already have more than you need? They will just sit gathering dust. I hate seeing things not being used. It’s wasteful.


So much me me me me, look what I brought or have been given. It’s boring. I struggle to find the pure creativity anymore on Youtube without a sponsor or haul shoved down my throat. I have been guilty myself of putting a few hauls up on my own personal channel but after a while I thought, why? Seriously why? WHY WORLD?


There is so much we take for granted these days. If we lose our wifi connection we think it’s the end of the world! If our local Primark don’t stock the latest Disney crazed item we seriously lose our sh*t! I mean, what the actual fu*k have we all become? Greed. Want. Me. Do any of these superficial things matter? When we are old and grey will we look back and think “I’m so happy I had multiple Chip coin purses in my life” These things will never make us truly happy. Not long-term. You will never be happy in life if you constantly NEED to buy stuff to fill some gaping void in your persona.


I may be stepping on people’s toes with my opinion or come across as a hippy but think about. You think how lucky we are to live in a house, with a roof, clean fresh drinking water and warmth. Now think of people in poorer Countries who are forced to walk miles for water, eat very little and don’t have the luxury of the internet. If we lose our phone for a few minutes we go crazy but some people in the world don’t even have a house to live in. We take sooooooo much for granted these days because we are used to it. We have become accustomed to this lifestyle, so much so that basic needs are taken for granted. We should be helping those that don’t have as much as we do. Like donating to charity, volunteering, and just trying to be a decent human being. I know we can’t help what part of the world we are all born into, it’s literally a luck of the draw. But let’s be a world that is there for each other instead of beating each other down and ignoring the problem. Let’s support and start as we mean to go on, together.


I did an experiment where I didn’t take my phone out of my bag when I went to a cafe. I ordered a coffee and got out my notebook and pen and made a note of how many people were on their phones. Care to know the answer dear reader? Apart from me and the staff, every single patron AND passer-by. I kid you not. People were sitting at tables ignoring each other and being completely engrossed in the world within their phone. As a writer I love nothing but to sit in a cafe and write, ingesting the surroundings around me. It’s very rare I will take my phone with me. I people watch, I watch people interact with each other and take notes of the details. Helps make my writing more realistic and gives me ideas for character traits and such. But as the years have gone by more and more people are just sitting on their phones. This dear reader is nothing but dull dull dull to write about. We have all become so accustomed to it that it has become the norm.


Now I’m not saying there’s something wrong with taking your phone out and checking emails for work or whatever but to spend your whole time on it? It becomes a little worrying.


What’s my point I hear you yelling at me? My point? Well…we should spend more time away from our phones/laptops and more with the people in front of us. We should stop showing off on Youtube about STUFF we received. We should be creative, help each other out and promote nothing but positive vibes. Yes, again I am aware I sound like a hippy but we are human beings. We should not care so much about material stuff that will eventually fall apart. We should be making a difference and making the world we live in a place to actually live in! Not fill up with cr*p and unnecessary junk that will end up on the rubbish heap slowly killing our home.

There is no harm in treating yourself to your favourite candle or bath bomb. I am guilty of this. But don’t go to the extreme and buy 20 when you really don’t need that many at once. Whenever I have a clean out of my clothes, books, the kids room I always donate to charity. As that saying goes, “One person’s junk is another person’s treasure.” Appreciate things more and actually enjoy it.

Since having children I have learned to appreciate the little things in life. For example the weather. When it rains it means we can go puddle jumping or race rain drops on the window. We can spend hours doing it and it doesn’t come with a price tag. It creates memories and laughter. Something to truly treasure and keep close to your heart.


I suppose what I am trying to say is we should all take a moment at points in our day and just remember that we are lucky. We could be having the day from hell but we still have homes to go to and warm beds to sleep in. Think about that the next time you have a meltdown because Primark has sold out of the Harry Potter merch. Just look at yourself in the mirror and say to yourself,

“There are so many more important things in the world. I am better than this. I do not need to justify my life with how much stuff I own or buy. It’s the things I do, the changes I make that make the difference in this world. I am happy and don’t need to consume my life with stuff to make it so.”

My own personal Youtube channel is mostly used for making montage videos of my children growing up so we can watch as a family. I am also passionate about film (I studied it at uni) and enjoy making videos. It is an art, yet today it has been turned into a ME ME ME show with cheap lighting and badly rushed editing, There is little passion.
I don’t ever force the camera or make a big deal about bringing it out. It’s just natural. I did try vlogging a while back but gave up as what’s the point. There’s more to life. I am a camera myself and like to capture moments of my life BUT I don’t do it every single day. I don’t upload straight to Instagram if I am out with the family. I do it later as I want to spend time with the people I love and not doing hashtags. Time and place. We should be using the internet and platforms like Youtube more wisely and not squandering it like a spoilt brat by bragging about what we got when we went shopping.


Phew that was quite a rant wasn’t it. Some people will agree and some won’t. That’s the beauty of the human mind, we can all think for ourselves and have our own opinions. Never be scared to voice your opinion, don’t be disrespectful or rude in doing so but don’t pretend to be something you’re not in fear of how someone else will react. Always be yourself. Not everyone will agree with you but you don’t need someone elses permission to speak your own mind.

Hop hop wiggle wiggle.


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New Year New Unique-orn! 2018

Happy New Year dear readers!


I hope you all had a fabulous 2017 and 2018 is even more fantastic!


Whether your nursing your hangover with bedrest and endless cups of tea or jollying off with the family for a New Years walk, I hope you have all had a great start to the year.


It’s ironic don’t you think, that most of us tend to start the new year off with a hangover and feeling like death? Just made me laugh thinking about it. Going out and getting wasted and then starting the first day of a fresh shiny new year wanting to just curl up feeling sorry for yourself wishing the world would go away. Oh irony, you are a good giggle.

With every New Year brings the dreaded resolutions. If you often follow my blog you will know that instead of making resolutions I make goals. A handful of small aims, things I would like to do. “How are they different from making resolutions?” I hear you ask. Well, I don’t pile on the pressure and always try to make sure that my goals are realistic. Saying I want to fit into a size 4 dress by the end of the year is ridiculous as 1. I am ok at the moment with my size and 2. I LOVE FOOD! Not that I wouldn’t be healthy and do a bit of exercise. I’m just not going to focus on it all day every day as I know it will make me miserable. Life is far too short to be eating a stick of carrot and wishing secretly it was an eclair. As long as I am healthy and happy, that’s all that matters. Is it bad that I really want a chocolate eclair now?

Anyways, I digress as usual.

So, let’s see what my goals are for 2018 shall we.

My Goals for 2018

  • Go on even more adventures with the family! for e.g more walks, days on the beach, exploring Scotland, Tea Parties, Dress up! Ohhh I am excited now!
  • Don’t stress the small stuff. Don’t worry if I don’t clean the house one week, just relax and do it next week. It’s not worth the stress!
  • Write and read even more!
  • Be more environmentally friendly by remembering to have a bag for life on me at all times. Keep on recycling!
  • Declutter the house. Donate unwanted/unused items
  • Stop doubting yourself and remember you have got this!

And there we have it dear readers. What are your goals this year?

I am off to play some Tekken with the hubby and kick his butt once again with Panda. hehe


Hop hop wiggle wiggle.

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Croc On A Rock (Day 25) It’s Christmas!!!!

It’s Christmassssssssssssss!

I am absolutely stuffed dear readers! I have eaten my weight in beef, Yorkshire puds, potatoes and chocolate! I have already had a little nap and still feel exhausted. There’s something about Christmas and all the food we consume that just makes us want to doze and do absolutely nothing. I am now on the Guinness and port with the husband as the boys are fast asleep. YESSSSSSSS!


It has been a very long day here in the burrow. We discovered that Father Christmas had been and left a little treat to say thank you for his milk, mince-pie and carrot (for the reindeer). We asked the Christmas Crocodile if he had spotted him but unfortunately he hadn’t as he had fallen asleep. But he did hear a jingle of his sleigh during the night!


The Christmas Crocodile has had a lovely day eating, drinking and being merry with the new comers. He’s even made a new friend, a lady crocodile.



And that’s it! Christmas has come and is now slowly leaving. The Christmas crocodile has fully enjoyed counting down with us all and has decided to come and live with us. As long as he behaves, mind…

Merry Christmas! I hope you have all had a fantastic day and are now relaxing and spending time with loved ones! Cheers! Onto Boxing day where we will all be forced out into the cold for family walks to burn off those extra calories. Think I will help myself to another glass in that case.

Hop hop wiggle wiggle

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