Toddler Tantrums : Inside Out Edition!

What I Actually Do When My Toddler Is Napping…

Good evening all! How are you all doing?

We are well here at the burrow. Today we discovered a new park with a pirate ship! I mean how cool is that? I love when we find new places to play with Cabbit, especially when they are free and awesome! I also got treated to a ‘rose & pistachio mocha’ from Starbucks, a little me time. Heaven! Definitely warmed my paws and tail up as the weather has been freezing!


I have a little treat for you all, below is a new video about what I actually do when my toddler is napping. I hope you enjoy and have a little giggle. I try not to take life too seriously, I’m a big kid at heart and take no shame in that. I live by living in the moment and having no regrets.



Hop hop wiggle wiggle


The Pressure Of Parenthood

Cabbit’s 2nd Birthday!

WOW! When did that happen? I mean really? He’s two already? That’s scary! Like really, really scary. One minute I am cuddling our tiny bundle of love in the hospital and the next we are having lightsaber battles with him before a tea party with Darth Vader who has a dilemma, he is secretly in love with Miss Piggy but is engaged to Dinosaur! Oh the drama!

But I would’t have it any other way. He has to grow up, he can’t be a baby forever which make these moments with him now like stardust, magical and extremely rare. Before I know it he will be moaning about how he hates his life and slamming doors and then asking for money to go the pub to get drunk with his friends. It’s normal, we all go through it. I think?

Anyway, for his birthday we decided to go to Brighton because I have NEVER been! I know it’s crazy but these things happen. It was a fantastic day, beautiful weather, lovely company and tons of discovery! Cabbit loved it! He kept wanting to touch all the fish and squealed when they swim over his head. It amazed him and melted my heart at how fast he’s continuing to learn about the world around him.

I of course, being the camera that I am filmed and took photos of the day. Below is two videos, one of the Sea Life Centre and the other of our journey around Brighton Pier. Enjoy and let me know what you think.

I am off to do a bit of reading and relax before the boy wakes up from his nap.It has been a busy Sunday. I hope you are all enjoying today and are feeling awesome for just being you.

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Love You Madly 2015

Hello one and all, Bunny is in her burrow and is extremely busy today. Why am I talking in third person? It’s something I have realised lately that I do a lot. Must be the writer in me.

Wow, 2015 was a wired year. A lot happened. Some good and some very, very bad. We lost some family members who will never be forgotten and learnt that life is far to short. All in all 2015 was a pretty rubbish year BUT there was some happy memories which made us smile and laugh in times where we really needed it. Family, love and CAKE made our dark days seem that tiny bit tastier when we felt like giving up and hiding ourselves away. The strange way of life, one moment you are on top of the world, the next you are down on your dirt riddled knees wanting to just hide away from the world. In times like these I turn to the gods of the world, authors and their words of wisdom,

“I wish it need not have happened in my time,” said Frodo.
“So do I,” said Gandalf, “and so do all who live to see such times. But that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.

-J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship Of The Ring

I hope you all have a fantastic day! Enjoy ^-^

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Bunny’s 2016 Reading Challenge


Hello beautiful people! I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas and a fantastic New Year! It’s funny how there is such a big build-up to it all and within a silent-but-deadly fart second, it’s gone, all over. You are left feeling bloated and needing to do something more with your life as a new year brings the chance for a new you. But let’s be honest, by day four of the new year we are already scoffing down the last of the mince pies with a glass of wine or in my case, hot chocolate. It’s just our natural human urges, anything we say “No, not allowed, off limits” becomes even more tempting. especially anything dripping in chocolate with doughnuts…mmmmmm….DOUGHNUTS!


Anyway, as I was saying. It’s an insane amount of pressure to put on oneself to expect to do the impossible in days, even months when we all know that if you want to change your lifestyle ways/habits, its a lifetime thing. Takes time and blah blah blah. This year, much like last I am not making any New Years resolutions. I find them silly and self-degrading. I always, always without fail feel worse about myself. Instead I just carry on and see if I can try and be a little bit healthier and work out more without the added pressure of trying to resemble a supermodel with a tiny bottom. Plus my husband likes my bottom the way it is, so changing it would be a no no.

rhino wants to become unicorn

Thanks to my amazing husband, I have discovered a 2016 reading challenge to keep me busy with this year. Such a better idea than setting resolutions, as I get to READ! Something I love!


I will be doing my reading challenge on my Youtube channel Bunny’s Pause so you can keep up to date with me there and of course on here my own little space of bunnyness. I strongly recommend anyone giving this challenge a go! Books! Reading! What more could you ask for? Oh tea! Must have tea and cake of course. (Carrot Cake to be precise).

I will be starting this Thursday so keep an eye out for my video. First on the list is- “A Book You Have Been Meaning To Read” -For me that is Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland & Other Stories By Lewis Carroll. EXCITED!


Hop hop wiggle wiggle