Drunk God Sees Poet By John Francis Cross (Review)

Good morning beautiful readers. I hope you are all refreshed from yet another weekend of tortuous yet glorious sun. I have some poetry to share with you today. Now I know it’s only Monday, but who wants to get drunk on poetry? Show of hands please. 

Today on the blog I am reviewing Drunk God Sees Poet By John Francis Cross. A big thank you to Cross for sending me a copy of his book, it is always appreciated here on Bunny’s Pause and I take great pride in spreading the word of talented writers. 


The thing about poetry is you never quite know what to expect. Well, in the most stereotypical cases you would expect lots of rhyme wouldn’t you? Because that’s what we were taught from a young age in school; poems rhyme. Yet as we get older and get more of a palatable taste for it, we discover there is so much more to poetry then we could ever possibly dare dream. Drunk God Sees Poet is truly a remarkable journey to embark upon, but be warned dear readers. You need to have a sense of humour and strong form of wit about you. This is not for the faint hearted. 

As I closed my eyes I was transported to Bar Gari Gari with a glass of wine in hand surrounded by the rhythm of drums and words. Towards the end of the book I could feel the love and strong sense of community within the poetry world that Drunk God Sees Poet had created. I felt part of it and wanted to stand up among them performing my own poetry. Empowering is the word I am thinking of. Yeah, strength and a sense of family. That this is a place to be yourself, to have your voice heard and feel no judgement. To let your poetry do the talking and feel confident in your words. 

There’s a lot I don’t understand.
I think much of it is meaningless
And it’s often better to enjoy the ink
Which is rich and deliciously

Cross’s poetry oozes with passion, a dash of dark humour and honest raw truth. It’s intriguing and quirky to read. One minute you’re laughing as you have images of rabbit poop whirling around your head. The next you’re struggling to hold it together as some personal home truths are discovered. You become a mess but a good mess. Your emotions are not safe but that’s not a bad thing. It’s human to feel and Cross shows the reader that life is too short to be taken seriously or to waste it away on the mundane tasks of everyday life. Humour is the cure and a life filled with laughter is one of the most precious things to hold onto.

I dreamt last night I was a carrot.
And when I woke up this morning
I was eaten by a rabbit.
And I felt very disembodied.

What I like about the way Cross writes is that he is not afraid to speak his mind. He lets it all out and tells the world his thoughts, feelings and prophecies. He sends out positive vibes through his writing, that anything is possible and nothing is unachievable.  

We need a purpose or an interest to live best –
Whats yours?
I said, writing stories.
He said, let’s hear one.
I said, here goes:

See for yourself in the clip below of Cross performing one of the poems in the book. Truly powerful stuff. 


I give Drunk God Sees Poet By John Francis Cross a Four out of Five paw rating. 

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I was laughing, tearing up and generally intrigued by Cross’s words. How he sees the world and writes about the things we all seem to miss as we get caught up in the rush rush of everyday life. We should all take some time to just sit and listen to the world around us. We all need to visit Bar Gari Gari and witness the sheer brilliance that is Drunk God Sees Poet. 

Grab yourself a copy here dear reader and enlighten your day with some much-needed poetry. I strongly believe that anyone who reads this book will take something away with them. For me it gave me back my inspiration. Thank you Cross for that. I needed to dive back into my poetry. A big kick up the bum! Thank you. Truly I mean it. Cheers!


Buy A Copy Of Drunk God Sees Poet By John Francis Crosshttps://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/198358214X/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_ep_dp_QyGkBbVPT2FCV


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My Recent Hospital Trip…Yay…(Week 17)

Wow, this weather is scorching. Within seconds of stepping out into our back garden barefoot, I could feel my whole body burst into flames. And not that beautiful mythical image of a Phoenix bursting into flames before rising from the ashes. I mean a plump, hot, sweaty mess of flesh being barbecued to black ash image. Lovely.


So given the latest weather dilemma (IT’S TOO HOT) you would have thought that someone who is pregnant would be doing what most sensible people are doing in the heat. Drinking more. Well…unfortunately this idiot here hasn’t and because of this I ended up in hospital on a drip. I’ll start at the beginning dear reader. Grab a cuppa (I definitely have one) and settle in for a little tale of blind stupidity. Let’s begin shall we. 


I awoke last Friday morning pretty much like most mornings. To the sound of little monsters playing and giggling in their bedroom. Amplified by the baby monitor it is impossible to try to ignore it once they are awake. I dressed and fed both boys and the eldest went on his merry way to nursery with his father while the youngest decided he wanted a morning nap. All through the morning routine I kept getting excruciating stabbing pains in my stomach. Me being me tried to push through it and just get the morning done. Once youngest was asleep, I took some pain killers and struggled to find a position that wasn’t painful. My first thought was “What if something is wrong with the baby?” but there was no blood. My next thought was that it could possible be Braxton Hicks. But I was only 15 weeks and I don’t remember them being this sharp and painful last time. It felt like a knife was slowly plunging into my stomach and then repeatedly stabbing me before quickly stopping for a few minutes and then starting all over again. I decided to jump in a warmish bath to see if that would help. It relieved the pain for a while but then it returned with a vengeance. At this point my husband was on the phone to the midwives stressing his concerns. You see the problem with me is I am incredibly stubborn. However since having the boys I have started to be less so and know when I should sort something out. I put my pride aside and did what was best for baby and spoke to the midwives. They asked me to come in which we did once eldest had been picked up from nursery. Once there they did the normal check of blood pressure, urine, feeling the tummy and so on. They could’t figure it out and so sent me on towards the hospital. Joy…


Like a lot of people I absolutely hate hospitals. You would have thought that I would be use to them by now, but nope. I still get the old anxiety attack as I walk through those double doors and get violently assaulted by a strong sterile stench of doom. My hands start to feel shaky and I have to focus my breathing in an attempt not to pass out. I know I should relate hospitals to a happy thing as it’s where I gave birth to two healthy boys but I still struggle. I still see all the pain, emotional turmoil, the fighting for my life and my little boys’. It’s a depressing and the last place I want to be. But, I put on my big girl pants and just dealt with it. Something you have got to do in life is put aside your fears and do what’s right. And right now, this was the place I needed to be. 


I was ushered to a ward by a lovely midwife while hubby and the boys made friends in the waiting room. After having the normal checks done all over again and waiting what felt like an eternity to do yet another urine sample they listened to baby’s heartbeat. Always a reassuring sound when they finally find it. A healthy strong heartbeat. After speaking to a doctor who did the same checks and questions it was decided that the pain was caused by dehydration. I was shocked, stunned and felt like a complete idiot for wasting their time. They reassured me that I wasn’t being an idiot and it was a serious thing and sent me to another ward to be put on a drip accompanied by my little family. 


To be honest, it was a relief to finally know what the problem was. I never for a second would have thought not drinking enough would cause such pain. I just tend to forget. It’s something I have always done, not drunk enough. Yet I have never experienced anything like this before. It definitely gave me the kick up the butt I needed to carry a bottle of water with me everywhere. I did not want to go through that again.

I suppose it wasn’t too bad in the end. It could have been a lot worse and I feel extremely lucky and grateful to the staff for doing all they could to solve the problem. While I was in bed on the drip, the lovely midwife gave the boys some sandwiches and cake. Cake which I wasn’t allowed but I did have a cup of tea. It brought a tear to my eye to see how concerned the boys were for me. Every-time a midwife or doctor came near me my eldest told them off and not to hurt me. I never realised before how protective they are of me as I am over them. It made my heart all fuzzy and giggle at the boys looking after me. Just too adorable.


It has been a few weeks now and the pain hasn’t returned, thankfully. Just normal pregnancy pains but nothing as intense as that. I have been drinking more and it seems the morning sickness has slowly faded into the background which helps with keeping liquid down. I am now just struggling with the HEAT! Melting into a puddle and wishing I was a sea cow in the sea. I can pretend by putting my feet in the boys paddling pool as they splash around me being crocodiles. 

I hope you are all surviving in this heatwave and enjoying the summer holidays…7 weeks here with our eldest one off…7…weeks…wish us luck…

Hop hop wiggle wiggle 


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3 Is A Magic Number (13 Weeks)

Hello dear readers, I hope you’re well and are enjoying the lovely summer weather we have been having. I’m melting as always! It has been a few weeks since my last blog, my apologies. We have received exciting and scary news here in The Burrow. I’m pregnant! 13 weeks! Yep, we are expecting our third child. AHHHHHHH!


So yeah, I’m pregnant and honestly…I am really happy. Correction. WE are really happy and cannot wait to meet the newest member of the clan. We knew we wanted at least one more child and feel extremely lucky that we have managed to create a little life. 

We told our eldest who is beyond excited and insists it’s going to be his baby sister, so no pressure. Youngest just gently tapped tummy and giggled which of course was adorable. I can’t wait for them to meet their new sibling and just know they will adjust as best they can. The bond our boys have together makes me so proud to be their mother. Of course they have the normal sibling fights but, blah, that’s human. 

This pregnancy so far has been pretty tough. The last one was Agh but this one is AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Just nasty. My morning sickness has been awful. Seriously, the slightest smell, or taste of any food can set me off. The toilet has become my best friend and wants to get matching bracelets. I have completely gone off coffee which sucks because it was a caffeine fix that helped keep me functioning throughout the day. Thankfully I can stomach tea! YAY! Food cravings have not been too bad. For a while it was the trusty BLT, than Chinese food and now it’s just meat! Lots and lots of meat.


For the better part of more than a few weeks I have felt exhausted and not just from running around after two boys. I literally have lost the motivation to do anything. Even breathing seems like an effort to me. It’s maddening. 

Our first scan went ok. Well, as ok as it can with two energetic boys in tow. But baby is all healthy and happy, jumping about and turning away from the camera. Pretty much like the boys did. They just don’t like having their picture taken in the womb and always turn their back on it. 

I am hoping that in the coming weeks the morning sickness will cut me some slack and my motivation will return. In the meantime I feel trapped in limbo of running to the toilet and passing out from tiredness. Joy…But I know in the long run it is worth it. Totally worth it. 


For now I am resting as much as I can, catching up on writing and reading and just general being a pregnant person waddling around demanding food before throwing it all up and then passing out from exhaustion. It’s these days that I know I will look back on later in life and think ‘Yep, I don’t regret a thing.”

Say hello to Kitsune. The newest member of the clan.


Hop hop wiggle wiggle 

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Malhaar, When It Pours, Soak Yourself In Poetry By Ambica Uppal (Review)

As the sun slowly starts to peek back out from behind the clouds and dazzle us once again with its warm vibrant rays. I can once again take refuge in one of my favourite reading spots. The garden. And there’s nothing I love more than to enjoy a bit of poetry on a warm sunny day, accompanied by a lemon ice tea. Bliss. That is until two small mischievous boys come stampeding into the garden pretending to be dinosaurs and demand that I help build them a dinotopia out of mud and leaves. Oh parenthood you. 

Today on the blog I am reviewing the recently released Malharr By Ambica Uppal. A book of poems, spoken word poetry and prose, I was happy to devour. A big thank you to Uppal for sending me a copy of Malhaar to review. I love poetry with a passion and was delighted to take a refreshing dip in the sea, bombarded with emotions and chaos. 


The word Malhaar means an old raga in Indian classical music. It is associated with the atmosphere of torrential rains. Sounds heavenly. Keeping this in mind dear reader, through my whole reading of Malhaar I had a faint sound of a rainstick echoing in my head. Gentle and enchanting. I personally believe that Uppal has successfully captured her downpour of emotions in this book and it is fully deserving of the title Malhaar. It was exhilarating and eye-opening to read, to feel connected to someone else’s emotions through the power of words. A tranquil breeze and a storm on the horizon with the possibility of thunder and lighting on each page. It made me hold my breath with anticipation.

The book is spilt into six sections which takes the reader on different paths, themes and experiences. I found this worked well as I was not drowned in the downpour of emotions but rather had time to build myself a raft safely and sail as swiftly as possible against the unpredictable tide.  

Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 18.51.24

The striking imagery Uppal uses is one that I admire and can relate to in my own personal writing. It’s strong and powerful giving the reader a vision of creativity to gaze upon in awe. The words build upon the image you create in your head and just keep adding to it, the depth, the shadows till you’re left with a sketch within your mind of something you and the writer have crafted together. The reader’s interpretation of the author’s words is something that has always fascinated me in literature. We will all imagine different versions, all unique and no two are the same. Malhaar does this perfectly. 

Slow dance of the clouds
To the happy tune
To any pain and sorrow
They are so immune.
They may burst in sometime
They know
Glide higher
With the wind’s blow.
But, they dance together
So soft and agile;
Gentle, fluffy and so
Full of style!


There are a ton of themes pouring throughout Malhaar. Relatable themes such as love, letting go, depression, hope, feeling sacred, being yourself, are just to name a few. Yet one theme that stood out the most for me was Uppal’s message to the reader telling them that they are strong and have control over their life. They can choose their own paints to fill that blank canvas. You’ve just got to have the courage to do it. We have the control over our own lives. 

The beauty of life is that
Even if the painting is pre-decided,
We can choose the
Strokes and the colours.
Darker shades
Lighter hues
Harder strokes
Softer dabs. 

You Have Some Control

In ways I saw this book as a poetic self-help guide to life. Malhaar deals with a lot of life experiences it also supports the reader. It tells them that they are better than revenge, to be kind, grateful and always hold onto their passion. Books are more powerful than people believe as sometimes they tell you the words you really need to hear when no one else will. Malhaar is a great example of this. 

Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 18.51.44

I truly adore reading Live In The Moment as I could honestly relate to the words upon the page. Our pasts are always there, blocking our rear view, we should not only just look to the future, but also to the now. The present, today and live in the moment. It made me realise how often I tend to dwell on my past or worry about my future. Barely living in the moment and what’s right in front of me. It’s silly to fret about things we cannot change and to not enjoy what we have right now. Before we know it, today will be tomorrow and yesterday will be last year. I thank you Uppal for opening my eyes to focus on the now. Cheers!

Haze of the past,
Blocks my rear view;
Clouds of the future,
Fogs the new.
There’s nowhere else to look
But at the

Live In The Moment

I also enjoyed reading, Try To Let Go Off Bad Experiences. Often we let bad experiences taint our hearts till it’s the only colour we ever see. When really we should let go and explore the swatch of colours life has to offer us. Again Uppal has hit close to home on a subject that the reader can relate to and it’s beautifully done. Skilful writing that is not only executed well but is covered with emotion that the reader can relate too. 

Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 19.49.42

I give Malhaar By Ambica Uppal a Four out of Five paw rating. 

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It captivated me from start to finish. One to have on your book shelf or kindle for when you need a little advice and encouragement about your journey through life. It made me see a few things more clearly and I thank you for that Uppal. I needed this more than you know right now. So, thank you.

Grab a copy here and don’t forget to check out the links below. Enjoy.





Instagram instagram-Logo-PNG-Transparent-Background-downloadambicauppal







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Tuscany A Novel By Fay Henson (Review)

As I close my eyes and relax into my seat, the glass of red wine I have just devoured plays a sweet tune upon my tongue. My soundtrack is that of the chatter of life happening around me. People talking, eating, laughing. The very essence of life is thick in the air and I long to join it’s dance. Maybe another glass will help me pluck up the courage. I have always had two left feet dear reader. That and the chicken dance…don’t ask.

Today in my pause I am reviewing Tuscany A Novel By Fay Henson. A big thank you to Henson for sending me a copy. Always appreciated here at Bunny’s Pause as I am forever wanting to expanded my list of hidden gems. The world always needs new books and writers. 


Fay Henson was inspired to write Tuscany when she relocated with her 3 children and husband from south-west England to Tuscany, Italy.  As well as her passion for writing she enjoys walking her fox terrier Bobby, drinking coffee in Italian bars, wine, pizza, meeting people and 50/60’s retro furnishing. Henson enjoys reading fiction or memoirs set in other countries like To Kill a Mockingbird By Harper Lee and Memoirs Of A Geisha By Arthur Golden. To read more about Henson check out her Facebook page here.


Tuscany was just the escape I was looking for. And when you can’t afford a quick get away, a book is always guaranteed to bring a similar experience to your mind. All from the comfort of ones own bed. Prefect. A romance novel, it was a welcome change of pace as I haven’t had the chance to indulge in much romance literature lately. Before I had even read the first sentence I was excited by the synopsis. It sounded like something I could definitely sink my little bunny fangs into it.

Bribed with 500 euros, seventeen-year-old Caylin agrees to go with her parents on a package holiday to Tuscany. She soon regrets her decision, leaves Mum and Dad behind at the hotel and hitchhikes alone to the city of Siena in search of something more exciting.

But Caylin’s big adventure in Siena soon gets scary and dangerous when she meets a girl, Lula, who brands her a thief, which leads to Caylin being ostracised by her new best friend, Stefania. Meanwhile, unknown to Caylin, twenty-one-year-old Joe has volunteered to leave the holiday group to search for her and make sure she’s safe, or at least that’s his story anyway! Caylin makes two dramatic discoveries, one about Joe and the other about Lula. Caylin’s adventure starts to spiral out of control, until love intervenes to give her the chance of a new life.

Henson has written the character of Caylin with great strength and determination. She wants to experience life and we can all relate to this. I also enjoyed reading how considerate Caylin is and how she thinks of others before herself. Even when she thinks about abandoning her parents at the hotel, she still worries about their feelings and leaves a note. While she is in Siena her mind often wonders to them and if they are ok. We can all learn a lot from her and she’s only seventeen years old. To help others when we see them fall down, be selfless and kind to each other. Caylin is also witty and it is a refreshing sight after a few tough situations she gets herself into it. Towards the end of the book I had massive respect for her. The lengths she goes to was astounding. Her big gesture of kindness melted me and I felt extremely proud of her. It was a weepy moment that made me question so much about today’s society and how we all should help each other out in times of need. Overall Caylin is someone who I could see my seventeen year old self hanging out with. She rocks and is totally awesome! 

The romance in the book brought back all my giggly awkward teenage moments. Trusting someone, falling in love and being yourself completely with them are all huge things. It’s all new, fresh and exciting. Henson captures this innocence beautifully and has really thought about what goes through young minds at that time. It was nostalgic to read and made me smile. Young love and the whole world at your disposal. Love really is a version to behold and Henson has shown what it is to love, the good, the bad and the ugly.


A strong theme of truth and justice was woven throughout the pages of Tuscany. The language barrier added to the suspense as Caylin struggled to explain herself and found she wasn’t being listened to at times. It was frustrating to read as we know her innocence and I found myself shouting at the page in anger. But this just shows good storytelling as I am so immersed in the book’s events, I believe them to be real and happening in front of my eyes. Skilfully done and extremely effective. 

“Now it was daylight I could see just how nice Siena looked and all the pretty window boxes filled with those bright red Geraniums.”

There were many points in the book where I could feel the sun prickle at my neck as a gentle breeze brought an array of heavenly scents. Henson absorbs the reader in Tuscany and it is utter bliss to read. To wander the streets and see the many sights. To hear the noise and get caught up in the rhythm of life.

“Imagine the warm middle of August night air filled with lively chitchat and cooking aromas, where there were rows of people sitting at the long tables with party lights dangling from above, wolfing down plates of pasta and tomato, trays with pizza slices and trays of jam or chocolate tart, jugs of fizzy drinks, water and wine; all the while some were practicing beating the drums suspended round waists and others swooping flags from side to side.”

The flow of the story is a pleasant evening stroll, relaxing and enlightening. I was intrigued from the first page and once I start reading something that really hooks me, I will willingly lose sleep until the last page has been turned. When you choose to read over sleep and you are a full-time mother, you definitely know you’re reading something great. IMG_2116.jpg

The getaway I much-needed. I give Tuscany A Novel By Fay Henson A Four out of Five Paw rating. 

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Full of adventure, new experiences and romance this is the perfect read to discover this summer. Grab a copy here and experience the beauty that is Tuscany. Discover more from the links below!




Fay Henson Amazon




Buy The Book




Facebook Page















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Strange Secrets By Mike Russell (Review)

Allow me to pose a question to you dear readers. If a tree falls in the middle of a forest and there’s no-one there to hear it, does it still make a sound? What if that forest is filled with horse-chestnut trees? What if it was oak? Can you hear my voice ask these questions? Even though you’re reading my words on a screen. How do I sound? Squeaky? Husky? How does sound exist if there is no one around to hear it? How does anything exist if no one is there to witness it? Is your brain melting into a big puddle of slop just thinking about all these questions? Me too, let’s breathe and have a cuppa. That’s better. Prepare yourself for I have an extraordinary read to share with you.

I am extremely delighted to be reviewing on the blog today Strange Secrets By Mike Russell. A truly talented writer with a bottomless imagination to pull ideas from that never fails to put me in a literature coma for about a week. Every-time I dive into Mike Russell’s world I return feeling bloated and more than satisfied with my fill. I have thoroughly devoured his previous books, Strungballs, Strange Medicine and Nothing Is Strange to my heart’s content. So, you can imagine my excitement as I sat down eagerly for my next meal. 7 short stories to bewitch my taste buds. Delicious. I am a greedy Bunny.


A big thank you to the fabulous people at Strange Books for sending me a copy of Strange Secrets By Mike Russell to review. I can’t recommend these books enough. They are beautifully strange stories that make you question everything. And that, dear reader is never a bad thing in my opinion. Never.


Russell has a strange, unique and intriguing imagination that I adore. His use of imagery always manages to paint masterpieces in my mind. The images swirl and dance together, becoming one with the words upon the page. As always it’s hypnotising and I’m left staring into space until the spilling of hot tea occurs and I am awakened from my trance. Powerful, inspiring stuff.

‘Mary-Lou grasped the middle of the stem between her finger and thumb, lifted the two-headed rose out of the box, then held it in front of her eyes to examine it. Both of the flowers were growing seamlessly from ether end of the stem. It did indeed look real.’

Perfection is most definitely in the eye of the beholder and this is shown throughout each story. What is perfect? A two-headed rose? What is normal? A puppet controlling the puppeteer? What is anything? Russell gives the reader the key to unlock so many possibilities within their mind. To question, to think outside the box. Things they never dared think possible. What is real? It’s daring writing as I know it will not be to everyone’s taste yet you have got to ask yourself. Why? And that’s the beauty of it. Before you even know it you have fallen into the trap of the never-ending wheel of questions and find yourself curious to discover more.

I sensed a strong theme of control throughout the 7 stories. How characters desired the need for it. We as humans need constant validation for our purpose. A pat on the back, a well done and quick hand shake. That shiny gold star at the end of a long day. Something to acknowledge our existence on this earth. To be seen and heard, yet never understood. It fitted well within the stories and added a realistic vibe.

‘If you define yourself, you will change into something that evades your definition. Then if you define yourself again, you will change again. It will happen again and again and again. Do you understand? It will happen endlessly. It will continue to happen until you stop defining yourself, until you realise that you are not a thing.’

I adored reading Missing Person, it gave me goose bumps and a sharp shiver down my spin. I have always seen wardrobes as a gateway to other worlds. Not for a second did I ever consider they would be the final destination for our remains. Yet that is what I admire about Russell’s world. He takes something as simple as a wardrobe and makes it an ominous, daunting character that captures the very image of death. Chilling and perfectly done.

‘Death is the noun, dead is the adjective, die is the verb. When someone dies they vanish. Completely. Missing people aren’t anywhere.’

Overall I was more than satisfied as I paid my bill, even tipping over the expected amount. No one can spin a strange tale like Russell. He has a natural talent for it. It’s different and quirky which is why I love it. Who wants normal when you can have a daily dose of strangeness at your fingertips? You only live once so why not expand your horizons to new beautiful bizarre worlds? Take a daring dive into the Strange Books collection and you will soon start viewing the world from a different angle completely. Who knows. Maybe even upside down if you so desire. Anything is possible.


I give Strange Secrets By Mike Russell a Five out of Five paw rating.

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I look forward to another indulgent dose of Russell’s mind in the future. It’s brilliant writing that brightens the madness surrounding our daily lives. I don’t feel completely alone in my oddness these days. I embrace and celebrate it, as we all should.

Grab a copy of the book here and expose the strangeness.

Check out Strange Books here and treat yourself to a copy of something out of the ordinary. Enjoy and don’t forget. It’s a strange world after all…



Strange Books Website : https://strangebooks.com



Facebook Page Facebook-Logo-Transparent https://www.facebook.com/MikeRussellStrangeBooks/


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Happy Easter!

Good morning dear readers. and


I hope you all got to have a lovely lie in and were awoken by loved ones with a cuppa and eggy bread (or whatever your choice of breakfast, personally my husband makes a gorgeous eggy bread) before hopping into your lounge to discover the Easter Bunny had been and showered the whole family with gifts and CHOCOLATE! Aww what bliss, perfect picture that is…

Back in the real world!

Our two boys are going hopping mad on our bed shouting “IT’S EASTER! THE BUNNY HAS BEEN” making me spill my hot latte all over the clean bed sheets. Breakfast in bed quite literally as bits of honey hoops and Petits Filous is mashed into the covers before both boys chase each other into the lounge and face bomb the couch, throwing chocolate eggs everywhere. Lovely.

But once the madness calms down we take the boys for a walk to burn of some much-needed energy before we go for an easter egg hunt in the garden. More chocolate! More energy! Not long after we all sit down to Sunday lunch (LAMB) and watch Jurassic Park. Surprisingly our boys are not at all afraid of the dinosaurs, they just giggle and roar at them. With a goblet of bucks fizz in hand and bits of chocolate melted into my hair I sigh and smile happily at my little family. Husband is tickling the boys while I finish my glass and join in. It’s moments like these in life that make you smile and remember how beautiful the world is.


A small premonition of our day for you there dear readers. Mad, energetic, chocolate and love. Easter is a time for life, rebirth and to celebrate, well, life. Of course there’s the added bonus of chocolate but it’s also spending time with loved ones and making memories. Oh and to not go absolutely crazy over the next few weeks as the kids are off school. Remind me again why they need 2 weeks off!

I hope you have all have a wonderful Easter! Eat, be merry and enjoy it!

Hop hop wiggle wiggle

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