Where HaveYou Been? (37 Weeks Pregnant)

All over dear readers. Well only to Scotland and back but it feels like a lot more. It’s funny how you feel like you will forever be running down that never-ending path in the labyrinth going nowhere when BOOM a little worm appears and tells you the way, “Things aren’t always as they seem” Well, he tells Sarah the wrong way but you get what I mean. Everything seems to be happening at once, it’s madness. There has been so much going on that my blog has been a little neglected. Apologies. I hate not finding the time to sit down with a cup of tea and blog. So, without further ado here’s a quick catch up of the what’s been happening in this mad crazy thing I call my life.


We are moving to Scotland! In about a week or so! Don’t worry we didn’t just wake up one day and think “Scotland? Ok let’s go!” It has been in the works for many months and a lot of research, thinking and planning has been done. It has been such a big, tough decision for us to make, moving further away from our families but we are doing it for the right reasons for us. It’s such a beautiful Country and we can not wait to start the next chapter of our life there. EXCITED MUCH!!!!


I’m still pregnant! 37 weeks today! Mogwai is extremely happy and healthy kicking my insides. Hopefully he will decide to keep doing this until we have moved and will give us a bit of time to unpack a few boxes before making an appearance. People will think we are mad moving while I am this heavily pregnant but it makes a lot of sense to us. More importantly to me, as it’s down to what I feel comfortable with. So I keep being told. Moving while Mogwai is still all cosy and nestled in my womb just seems sensible to me. He’s in the safest place he can be. I can’t think of anything more stressful than moving to a new house with a newborn and a toddler while recovering from birth. If we are already there and have the stress of moving mostly over with, I think it would be a lot better. Don’t get me wrong I am well aware that it’s not going to be easy but I can at least try to help ease some stress before his grand arrival. Yep, I don’t make things easy for myself do I? (Grins like a crazy person)


Husband passed his degree! I am extremely proud of him! Some of the worst years of his life have happened while he has been at university but he has worked hard and finally finished. It’s not been an easy journey for him and I have no idea how he has kept going with everything that has happened. I know for a fact that if it was me, I would have crumpled and been at a complete loss. But he has stayed strong and determined. One of the many reasons why I love this panda. I honestly could not be more proud of him. Cheese! Yes extra cheese as always!


So yeah,I think that’s it, the main things anyway. A lot has been happening. Big things! My brain is confuzzled! (is that even a word? Now it is!) With pregnancy hormones going berserk, an endless list of what to pack, your normal aches and pains of pregnancy, oh and a toddler running riot! We will somehow get there. We will! It’s all a part of life isn’t it. Those special big shiny moments that you look back on and smile fondly at. They just forget to mention how stressful, time-consuming and tiring it all is don’t they? How all you want to do is just scream psychotically and cry about how much you still have left to do. Oh life you cruel yet beautiful strange thing. We love you but at times I want to strangle you. But then again, if we all had an easy life it would be pretty boring right? If everything went smoothly and nothing ever went wrong it would’t be living would it? The bad outweighs the good and vice versa, yin and yang. Can’t have one without the other. It’s like at times we are all living in our own personal snow-globe. The snow has settled and everything is fine and dandy but then suddenly a curious child comes along and shakes your globe about disturbing the snow and causing it to whirl madly around you. You don’t know what to do or understand why this chaos has suddenly happened upon you. You are confused and distressed at this state of affairs and wonder why this child has chosen you as their innocent victim. Yet it’s oddly beautiful and enchanting as you watch the snow fall to the ground. Once it has settled again you wonder why you were ever scared as things have quickly returned to how they were before. What’s my point? I can’t actually remember. Damn this pregnancy brain! But you get the idea. I think? Blahhh


I hope you are all well! I am off to nibble a slice of lemon cheese cake that has had my name calling before continuing with the packing. It’s crazy seeing your life in boxes. Never knew how much rubbish I actually own! AGHHHHH! Wish me luck!

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Sleep…Need…More…Zzzzzz (32 Weeks)

Oh dear readers it has been an exhausting few months. So much is happening right now that my Pusheen calendar has almost everyday booked up. Big, scary crazy adult stuff is happening with us at the moment but I won’t be saying anything about it until it’s all confirmed. It’s good scary stuff and extremely positive for us as a family but WOW such a big thing. Being pregnant just adds to the extra stress. Mogwai likes to remind me that he’s very much taken up residence in my womb and has no intentions of vacating just yet. All I have wanted to do for the past few weeks is to curl up under the burrow and have a non-disturbed sleep until, shall we say Mogwai is ready to be born? Even now typing this I can feel myself slowly nodding off as I keep missing keys and forgetting what I was going to type. What was I saying? Oh pregnancy you pain in the butt you!


I don’t remember being this tired last time with Cabbit but then again my memory of late has been very foggy. A pregnancy thing. I just want to sleep all day and do nothing. Well, maybe have a cup of tea, eat some cake, read, write and then sleep. But still. I have very little energy for much else. Even putting on make-up feels like a chore. The amount of times lately I have nearly stabbed myself in the eye with eyeliner is ridiculous. I am just too damn tired! Maybe it’s because this time around I also have an energetic toddler who keeps me and his father busy 24/7. At my 32 weeks appointment today I mentioned how tired I was and the GP said it could possibly be my iron levels. Oh joy! Another blood test. But it could also be because this time around I am already running ragged around a little human. I am lucky to have my husband help out as much as he does but I still feel just urgh. Feels like no matter how much sleep I get, it’s never enough. I know that if you oversleep it can make you more tired but it’s all I want to do. I feel like a bear, I want to hibernate and hide away. I have the temper of a bear at the moment. Or as my husband would say a very angry marshmallow (our rabbit). Hmmm probably best I don’t get started on my mood swings of late, they have been all over the place. Ahhhh why does pregnancy do these crazy things to us? Can’t it just be a lovely relaxing smooth ride where we are sent away on a luxury cruise ship to drink ice teas and get hot stone massages? Thought not.


Lucky for us, we are going away next week to Centre Parcs in Longleat. A little holiday that is much overdue. I have never been to one before but have seen the fancy TV adds with the smug posh people riding bikes though forests laughing at how rich they are. Bitter? Me, no. It’s not a cheap place let me tell you that. However because we have decided to go when children are back at school, the price is much more reasonable. I am curious as to what all the fuss is about. I am going to get to handle owls while husband does some fencing. Excited much! It will be nice to just get away as the 3 of us and take some much-needed time out. I have already seen they have a pancake place that sounds amazing. I won’t be going there at all…


I am off to try and grab a quick nap while I can. Who am I kidding? I have a 2 and a half-year old who likes to be AWAKE! A LOT!!!
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The Hungry Mouse. Boolino Audio Book review

A short and sweet bedtime story with a lesson. 

Book details
+2 years
Audio Bedtime Story


Have you even been so hungry that you feel like you could literally consume all the food in the world? Your stomach is rumbling “Feed me please?” So when you do finally have food in front of you, you start shoving and stuffing as much as you can in fear of never eating again. Then it hits you! Bang! As quick as The Flash! You reach that painful point of being uncomfortable and start loosing your belt buckle for a little give as your stomach feels like it has inflated to the size of a house. You are 100% stuffed! As the famous saying goes, “Your eyes were bigger than your stomach” This couldn’t be more true in this story, The Hungry Mouse.



What Mummy Thought Of It

It reminded me a lot in ways of The Hungry Caterpillar By Eric Carle. The caterpillar ate and ate until he could’t eat anymore and went into a cocoon. Lucky for the caterpillar though he turned into a beautiful butterfly. Our dear little friend the hungry mouse will have to wait it out till she gets free. I enjoyed how the lesson was woven into the story and thought it was cleverly done. Children need to learn about eating the right amount in today’s world as there is a scary rise in obesity. Listening to your body and knowing the consequences of overeating is shown brilliantly in the story which helps children understand why it is so important not to stuff their little faces. There’s nothing I like better than a story with a lesson.




What Cabbit Thought Of It

Cabbit loved being snuggled up with me under a blanket as we listened away while drinking some warm milk before bedtime. When the mouse got stuck he said “Oh No!” And was worried that she would be there forever. I reminded him of the time poor old Pooh Bear in The Many Adventures Of Winnie The Pooh (1977) ate so much at Rabbit’s that he got stuck. He tried to leave but couldn’t so had to wait it out. Cabbit remembered and did a little clap as over time Pooh got pulled free. We hoped for the same fate of the hungry mouse and both knew that she had learned her lesson.


The Lesson

This story teaches children to not over-eat otherwise they could end up like the hungry mouse. Teaching children about eating a good healthy portion is extremely important as overeating can lead to diabetes and obesity. Just knowing the right amount and knowing when they are full will help them lead a healthy lifestyles. No good can ever come from over-eating. It might feel good at the time but it always leaves you feeling depressed and bloated. I have been lucky with my son as he only eats what his little tummy can handle. He has at times even said no to chocolate cake (one of his favourites) for dessert as he is too full from dinner. He knows his limits and I couldn’t be more proud of him. Saying no to cake is a hard thing to do. I even struggle at times! It’s cake!

Our Rating

We give this audiobook a 4/5 paw rating as it teaches children a very important lesson about self-indulgence. We are only giving it a 4 because we both wanted to know what happened to the mouse at the end and how long she was stuck for. Other than that a very interesting tale for children aged 2+ about what happens when you over-eat more than your fair share.

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If you are interested in listening to the The Hungry Mouse you can find it here on the Boolino website.  http://www.boolino.co.uk Happy reading and learning!

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Paradise Wildlife Park! (2016)

I love a zoo! There is nothing better than having a day out seeing the beautiful animals that share this world with us. Of course I would much prefer them to be free and wild, roaming their natural habitat and living as they should but hunters and the threat of extinction is a nasty habit on earth. It’s a shame people feel the need to hurt these outstanding creatures for their fur and tusks. I think they are jealous and hope karma comes back on them. There has to be some kind of punishment for killing such breath-taking animals?




As a birthday present to our lovely JoJo we took her to Paradise Wildlife Park in Hertfordshire. We have been to Marwell and Whipsnade (manly because they have red pandas) so searched for somewhere new and discovered Paradise Wildlife park. And yep, you guessed it. They have red pandas, it pretty much sealed the deal. How can you not love red pandas, they are ridiculously adorable and fluffy and cute!!! and…and…ok I will stop going on about how amazing they are. Just can’t help it. They are the definition of cuteness!


We arrived at Paradise Wildlife park at around about 9:30 which is when they open. I strongly recommend arriving at this time as it was quiet and empty. Gives you a good chance to see some of the animals before hordes of people arrive and start pushing you out of the way. I have gotten much better at not letting people push me around. I was here first, you can wait. *sticks out tongue* You have to pay for parking which is £3 for the whole day, very reasonable we thought. Some places it can cost about £10! And you get your hand stamped when you go into the park so you can go back and forth throughout the day. Perfect.


Map Of The Park.

From stepping one bunny paw inside the park it was clear that they were very well catered for children. Tons and tons of slides, soft play areas, bouncy castles, mini arcades the lot! A child’s dream! Cabbit didn’t know which way to look, there was so much for him to explore. We decided to see the animals first and then let him go crazy on all the entertainment. Lucky for us he felt the same way too.


From previous zoo experiences, Paradise Wildlife Park has very few animals but it does make up for that in the type of animals they home. For instance, white tiger and white lion. I have never seen them before and wow they are truly stunning creatures. They appeared very elegant in their lounging around. Most of the animals where just lying around in the sun being lazy but who could blame them. It was a stupidly hot day. Good thing we had all applied plenty of sunscreen before hand! They had a good selection of big cats such as snow leopards, tigers and jaguars which is bliss for us being cat people. They had a big walkway all around them so you could get a birds-eye view and have a nose at them dozing. Cabbit loved it and could not stop roaring at them. He definitely got plenty of exercise running back and forth to each big cat area and trying to wake them up. They also had a little stall where they were selling snow leopard toys to help raise money for the snow leopards. JoJo treated him to a snow leopard puppet which roared at him throughout the day. He was a very happy boy. ROAR!




After seeing the big cats and a few other animals like Zebras, wolves, meercat and bats we headed towards the red pandas. We only saw one but that’s more than enough for me. Perched and as happy as can be in the tree I went into complete meltdown at how fluffy they are. Every time I have seen a red panda I have just wanted to cuddle it and take it home with me. IT’S SO FLUFFY I’M GONNA DIE!!!




We then entered the Reptile Temple which had some beautiful snakes like reticulated python and anaconda which is the worlds biggest snake. Massive this snake was, he was very chilled out in his pool! Cabbit gave a friendly hiss at all of them, he likes his snakes much like his father and I. I get the feeling he wants one as a pet as when he sees a snake he gives me this look of “Please can we take it home? I will love it forever!” and finds it hard to walk away from them. Hmmm maybe. One day.



Me, the boy and JoJo then hopped on the Woodland Railway (£1 each) which took us past wolves, woodland animals and best of all dinosaurs! Our son being obsessed with trains as he is was extremely happy about this and could’t help but say “Choo choo” every five seconds. It was a lovely little ride, very picturesque and peaceful. Mogwai enjoyed it too as I got a few little kicks here and there. Was very tempted to go around again but our tummies were rumbling and telling us to eat. Always listen to your stomach, it know’s what’s best! FOOD!


The Boy And JoJo On The Train.

We always tend to make our own packed lunches whenever we have days out as it’s cheaper and easier with a little fussy eater. If you’d rather buy your food there, they offer a good selection of hot and cold throughout the park and a Safari Sam’s diner. Didn’t get a look at prices but I can take a guess that it won’t be cheap. There are a lot of scenic picnic areas for you to relax in and take in the beauty of nature. We opted for a bench table in a play area which had some big lego bricks. It was empty and perfect for our son to play in after he had demolished his food. There was also a coin operated formula one car track nearby which Cabbit and husband enjoyed after our pit stop. Cabbit kept telling his father how to drive and taking over. A quick glimpse into the future I giggled to myself, these two when it comes to our son learning to drive. I would have loved to have gone on them too but being 28 weeks pregnant and the size of a whale kinda stops me.


BIG Lego!


My Boys.

We then walked the woodland walk where we saw foxes, deer, reindeer and another favourite of mine, owls. I felt very tranquil walking though the woodland with the birds singing and trees gently swaying. Then my thoughts were loudly interrupted by the shouts of “CHOO CHOO’ from my son as he saw the train pass by. Got to love him.



After we exited the woodland walk we ended up in pirate’s cove and adventure land. A huge outdoor play area for children, a pirate play ship with slides, a dragon slide, a shoe slide, a tree slide, lots and lots of slides! But also lots of fun as Cabbit spent a good while testing out each slide and seeing which one he preferred. Pirate ship was the winner. I thought it was genius as it gives the parents some time to sit down and recharge while little monsters burn off some energy and have fun.


Pirate Ship Slide.


Dragon Slide.


Train Slide.

When Cabbit finally had enough we took a leisurely stroll towards the Bird Show Arena and saw more owls and some macaws hornbills. If anything it just really made me want a pet owl even more. It would be cruel to keep it inside, I would want them to be able to fly free and trust them to come back. Maybe one day? Or I could work with them? That would be pretty awesome! I could be the crazy bunny and owl lady. Would just have to extra careful to not have them anywhere near each other because you know, owls eat bunnies.


My Favourite  Owl, European Eagle Owl. 

Overall an amazing day out with the family. I would highly recommend a visit especially if you have children. It has tons of things for them to do and keep them busy. Not many animals but a lot of activities to do. Very likely to come back when Cabbit is a bit older and his baby brother is here so they can play on things together. Definitely aimed more at children of about 5 years old but still has plenty of things for toddlers to explore.

Have a look for youself on the website, https://www.pwpark.com

Check out more of our visit below in my YouTube video and let me know what you think!

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Goodbye toddler bed, and hello (hopefully) a peaceful night’s sleep

It is amazing how fast time flies by isn’t it? It goes far too quickly; like the T.A.R.D.I.S. flying though a wormhole. Zoom Bang! Over, another day, month, year, century! Wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff!


I remember when me and hubby were setting up the cot in our son’s room. Well, I say we. It was more me watching and holding bits while husband did all the hard work. I’m not really a DIY goddess, I can’t even put a shelf up straight! Seriously, I am crap! As I was saying. The cot looked massive for our tiny newborn. I couldn’t imagine him growing to such a size that he would be able to sleep in it. For the first six months he slept in his moses basket in our room. Safe and sound, waking up every three hours for changing and feeding. I swear everyday that boy grew an inch! He’s a tall lad, very much like his father. Being tall runs in my husband’s family. Before we knew it six months had sleeplessly crawled by and the moses basket was now made redundant. It was scary at first, the thought of Cabbit being in another room and not being able to check every five seconds that he was still breathing. But if there is one thing I have learned since being a parent, is to relax, and let go. To trust he will be ok. Of course for the first few weeks I was checking on him every hour to make sure he was ok and to steal glances of how cute he is sleeping. But now it’s not as often. Lucky for us he took the transition to a big cot extremely well. We had heard horror stories of how it can take weeks, sometimes months for babies to settle into a new bed but nope. We got lucky! It only took a few more months for him to figure out how to climb out of his cot for us to transfer cot to toddler bed. Again, he took to it really well and we felt confident that when the time comes for his own single big bed, he would be ok.


That time happened upon us a few weeks ago! With the impending arrival of Mogwai we thought now was the best time to make that jump. We wanted to make it all about Cabbit, that this was his new bed. All for him. I forgot how many choices there are when it comes to beds. So much variety! Cabin beds, bunk beds, beds with slides! We were very tempted by a train bed but thought best to go with a single divan with two drawers. It’s a good thing Cabbit is tall as he can pull himself right up onto it safely. We transformed his toddler bed back into the cot and have left it set up in his room. We hope that this will help Cabbit get used to the idea of him sharing his room with his little brother. So far, so good. Fingers crossed! As soon as he saw his new bed he gave a little giggle and jumped on it. Best reaction we could have hoped for.


The Boy’s New Bed!!!

Any new changes can be difficult for children to understand and adjust to. They have so much to learn in such a few short years, using a knife and fork, talking, walking, potty training, the list is never-ending. Below are a few tips if you are thinking about getting your child ready for their own big bed. Some may help, some might not. Hopefully ether way, you will get some much-needed sleep! As much as I love pandas, I can not pull of the look!



Make Sure That Your Child Is Ready

Every child is different, we all know it’s not rocket science. They set their own pace for when they are ready to take the next step. If you rush them into it, it will only take longer for them to adjust to the change. We knew Cabbit was ready for his toddler bed as he started trying to climb out of his cot. Since the news of a little brother we waited a few more months before deciding that Cabbit needs his own new big boy bed. When Mogwai grows out of his toddler bed, he too will get a new single bed. Have to keep it fair among siblings. Talk to your child, make sure they are aware that they are now a big boy/girl and get to have a new bed. Make it all about them.


Comfort Is Key

There is nothing worse than feeling like you are sleeping on a spiked mattress every night. Memory foam is a life saver. Never before have I loved a bed so much since we got a Super-King sized memory foam bed. Just bliss! Many sleep-filled nights in comfort . We wanted Cabbit to have the same (not a super-kingsize bed, that would be mad!) as he loves snuggling on our bed with us when we watch a movie. If you want your child to sleep, then having a comfortable bed is vital. Sounds obvious but comfort tends to be overlooked when buying a bed. People trend to concentrate more on the look and style than whether it is actually comfortable. A good rule to have in my opinion is if you wouldn’t sleep on it, how do you expect your child to?


Make It Fun

Getting a new bed is never boring! Think about it, it’s where we spend half of our lives. Asleep in a soft cosy, dreamy, heavenly haven. Why not make it fun? Personalise your child’s bed to their favourite things, such as character duvets and pillows. We got Cabbit a Thomas the Tank Engine and dinosaur bed sheets to make it feel like his. He loves roaring at his dinosaur sheets and going choo choo at Thomas. I think it helps him sleep better, knowing he is surrounded by things that he enjoys. Makes for a happy Cabbit and a very happy mummy and daddy.


Dinosaur Bedsheets (Tesco) From £15.99


Familiarity Helps

Make sure to tuck your little one’s toys safely in their new bed but don’t wash them. Your child’s smell will help them settle and reassure them that this is their bed. It will comfort them making them feel safe and secure. It won’t feel so strange and scary. There’s nothing better than getting into your own bed at the end of the day, so this will help massively in bringing that feeling to your child. In ways like when a cat marks it’s territory. Your child’s toys are claiming the bed, letting them know it belongs to them. Let’s just hope they don’t actually start marking their bed with pee on purpose. That might be a bit worrying. Our son already thinks he’s part cat, he loves his cat naps.


Don’t Give Up

It may take time for your child to adjust to the thought of sleeping in this big bed all alone. Remember Rugrats? There is a classic episode where Chuckie get’s a new bed and is scared to sleep in it because he thinks there’s a monster under the bed. Turns out it was just his dad’s jumper and Chuckie starts enjoying his bed. A child’s imagination is fascinating so don’t be too surprised if they seem a little on edge at the thought of sleeping in something that seems massive to them. Spend time with them, reading or singing in the new bed. Make sure they know it is a safe place for them to sleep and there is nothing to be scared of. Always a good excuse for extra cuddles I think. Got to get them in before they grow up too quick! If they wake up in the middle of the night, take them back to bed and reassure them that everything is ok. repeat and repeat seems to work for us. If you haven’t already, make sure your child’s bedroom has a stair gate. Now they can climb in and out of bed at will, the last thing you want is them taking a midnight stroll out the front door without your knowledge.


I wish you all the luck in the world on this journey to your child sleeping in their new bed. It can be a short or long journey depending on how your child takes to it. Have faith and they will get there, like many of the milestones they still have yet to conquer in their life.Don’t be too hard on them. They are only so many years old and it will take time. I highly suggest having lots of tea and cake to help make the progress easier. For you that is. Tea and cake always help with the stresses of life. Don’t forget to breathe and relax. They will get there and I promise you, you will sleep a again! You will!


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Keeping Cool This Summer With A Toddler. Oh and being pregnant!

I’m sure you have all heard the news over the past few days without even stepping a toe outside your front door. It’s hot. Like really, seriously hot. Being on holiday weather hot. Cooked alive hot. Red lobster look hot. Hot hot hot! I’m sure you get the point and I will do by best to not mention the word hot too much; if you’re anything like me, it instantly makes me melt and collapse into a sweaty puddle. I can’t deny that this weather is utterly, disgustingly gorgeous. It makes you want to wander around in the nude, drink buckets and buckets of Pimms (unfortunately for me – being pregnant I can’t do this one) and tan yourself hollywood beautiful. If only it was that easy. There are laws in place that stop us being naked outside, being drunk all day is never advised and no matter how much suntan lotion you apply you always end up a traffic light red. However do not despair dear readers, I have a few pointers on keeping your cool this summer. *chin chin*


Enjoying The Sun With My Little Monster.


It Rubs The Lotion On Its Skin Or Else It Gets The Hose Again

I always think of Stewie Griffon when I hear this famous movie quote. But it is important! Not the quote. Suntan lotion! Apply, apply and apply. Extremely vital to protect your skin against the Death Star that is the sun. Sunburn is a bitch. We use Nivea Sun for Kids Moisturising Sun Spray Factor 50+.


We choose the coloured one as it’s a hell of a lot easier to see where we have applied it to a wriggling toddler, helps to see if you have missed a patch. Although saying that; lately he’s been really good with letting us put suntan lotion on him. He offers his arm and even tries to help. No attempts at tasting it as yet but I won’t put it past him. Children’s skin is more sensitive and softer than adult’s which means of course that it burns easier. Smother your child in suntan lotion before heading out anywhere and remember to re-apply throughout the day. This also applies to us adults. Taking care of one’s skin in summer is key. Don’t neglect it, love it and look after it. No one else will. Unless you are of course a child and have your parents to. Lucky sods!


Fashion! Turn to the left
Fashion! Turn to the right

Anyone who knows me, knows I love my dark colours, scarves and layering my clothes. I am not a summer dresser. I’m really not. It’s not my style. I am very much an autumn and winter person. I hate showing too much skin or the tops of my arms to the world. Just not me. So you can imagine that in this kind of weather, I literally die. I do my best to survive, but if you’re like me, a rare creature of darkness then I will share with you a few tips to help our ongoing battle with the sun.

  • Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag

I can’t think of anything worse to wear in the heat than skin-tight clothing. Why? How is that comfortable? When I see people out and about in really tight tops I question how the hell does their skin breathe? Do they not feel restricted and uncomfortable? In my opinion it’s just a bad idea. What you need in this weather is baggy, loose-fitting clothing that flows and BREATHES. Trust me, buying a size up is a life saver when it’s 32 degrees outside, plus if you’re pregnant. You can move freely and not feel your clothing is trying to strangle you like a hungry boa constrictor. I advise this for children too, they need to breathe as well. Nothing worse than an angry toddler screaming full pelt because their clothes are too tight.



  • Who Wears Short Shorts

My son wears shorts! But not too short. That would be a bit wrong in my opinion. I have honestly seen VERY young girls parading around in hot pants! HOT PANTS!!! What the hell? Did I miss something? Anyway, what was I saying. Ah yes. We often buy him cotton shorts as they are more comfortable for him and give him the movement he requires for running around causing havoc.


My Boy Showing Off His Legs!

There has been talks of eventually getting him a kilt in our clan’s tartan. Teamed with a pair of Dr Marten’s of course. Has to be done. I can’t remember the last time I wore a pair of shorts. Unless you’re counting pyjama shorts. I tend to go for three-quarter lengths or long flowing skirts. Especially with an elasticated waist. Makes such a difference in pregnancy with an ever-growing bump. Nothing worse than a tight waistline digging into you causing you more agony than you need on an armpit sweating day.


Keeping It Cool Together.


  • The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

It makes me laugh how much at first my son hated hats. It would always end up with him throwing it across the room and laughing. But lately he seems to be loving them. I guess he just wasn’t as interested at the time. His favourite hat at the moment is his little blue straw one we got from Tesco’s. Hats are hat-tastic (see what I did there? Bad I know) for making sure you don’t scorch your head raw. They can also be stylish and jazz up an outfit in an instant.


I have a black pork pie hat that has saved me many a time when it has become all too much for my head. I sometimes pretend I’m in a mafia film like The Godfather when I’m wearing it. I know, I know. I am far too cool for my own good. I can make you an offer you won’t refuse though…Cake?


  • Cover Up Girl

I always cover my shoulders with floaty open shirts and cardigans. It really helps keep them safe from the harsh rays of the sun. Of course they must have a little bit of a bag so any rare breeze that passes by can refresh my sweaty self. I do love dressing in black and then adding a bit of colour with a shirt, kimono or cardigan. Simple yet effective I think. You don’t want to go too crazy with prints and such. Can be a nightmare for your eyes and a fashion disaster waiting to happen.


Blue & White Butterfly & Tile Print Lightweight Woven Wrap From Yours Clothing £15


  • I love your dress, it’s so tight!

Oh Morticia Addams you set the bar high for long dress fashion. I wish I could pull off her look but I just look like an overstuffed California Roll. All the filling spewing out and making a right mess. Not a pretty sight or a tasty bit of sushi might I add. Maxi dresses are very popular around this time of year and it’s easy to see why. It’s a simple yet elegant way to stay cool. Let’s the air flow as my husband would say. No matter what your style, there is bound to be a maxi dress for you. I live in them in the summer, they have really helped with the pregnancy. I don’t look like a whale in one! Success! I actually look pregnant! Yay go me!


The Queen Of Style!


  • Drink Up Me Hearties Yo Ho

As a tea lover it pains me to drink tea in the summer sun, I feel like I am in my own private sauna. So my attention turns to iced tea! Much more refreshing than a hot mug of hellfire to keep you hydrated. With a selection of flavours I never get bored with drinking this stuff, especially Liptons. It’s my favourite. Of course I limit myself and don’t go mad as it contains sugar but it’s so lush! I also drink a lot of flavoured water such as Volvic Lemon and Lime. My thirst is instantly quenched when I pour myself a cold glass of the stuff. TASTY!


My son also loves these drinks and we have started making our own smoothies together too. Gets him his five a day and we have fun with it. Our favourite one to make is bananas and figs, showed to us by the amazing Jo-Jo. Thank you! Delicious! I strongly suggest you try this with your little ones if you haven’t already. It can get messy but trust me, it’s worth it. Get creative while being healthy at the same time. Nommy!



  • Down Where It’s Wetter Take It From Me!

Get your filthy dirty mind out of the gutter please! I am not talking about down there. I am simply singing Under The Sea from The Little Mermaid. Yes, really I was.
Until we invest in a paddling pool for Cabbit (sometime soon!) we have been making our own little water world in the garden. Simply fill up bowls, jugs, any type of containers with water and let your child go crazy! They love it. Simply fascinates them. I usually put out a few of his toys as well and he makes them go on an underwater adventure or just splashes them about.


I sometimes give him a clean paint brush to do some water painting with. He draws shapes on the ground or washes the back door. He’s very much into his art our son so I encourage it as much as possible. Grows his imagination and let’s him be creative in his own way.


He also has a little water pistol that we have water fights with, a fun and great way to fight off the dreaded heat. Nothing fancy, just a simple little water pistol. It still amazes me how quickly he picks things up. Five seconds after being given it he was squirting me in the face and laughing maniacally. I do love him.



  • The Cold Never Bothered Me Away

I really, really want to burst into song right now. Just to be annoying. “Let it g….” Ok, ok I won’t. I actually put Frozen on yesterday in the hopes it would make me feel cold. It didn’t. It just made me cry at the fact that we don’t have any snow! Anyway. Ice lollies are a godsend in the summer. And cheap, not to mention tasty. You can pick up a load at Tesco or Sainsbury’s for £1. They are so refreshing and are fun for kids too. Our son loves them. It can be a struggle to eat ANYTHING in this weather, yet a cold ice lolly from the fridge is perfection on a stick. We go for Calippos, Space Rocket Lollies, Twisters, all sorts.

tumblr_nsxlkbv6SD1qjoiero1_500.jpgWe even make our own, you can experiment with different flavours, add bits of fruit, anything you like. Just because it’s hot and you’re dying in the heat doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun out of it.



So those are some of my top tips for keeping cool this summer. I hope you enjoy and they help you survive this heatwave that is sweeping our beloved Britain. However you decide to spend your summer, make sure you are safe from the sun and don’t overcook yourself in the garden. Nothing smells worst than burned flesh. Imagine that as a fragrance? Ergh. Sounds like a Demon’s or vampire’s fragrance line. Although that’s probably the last thing they would want to smell of. Because you know, vampires burn in the sunlight. Unless you’re from twilight…urghhh NO! Take your sparkly-sparkly elsewhere please. Ok I’m rambling!

I had to be pregnant around summer time! HA! Typical me. But I can’t wait till Mogwai is born. Not just because my face and body will no longer be a public waterpark for my sweat but because I can’t wait to meet him and show him the world. Also teach him to hiss at the sun on days like today. So far it has worked with Cabbit! *hiss*

Hop hop wiggle wiggle

Mummy And Son Adventures (25 Weeks Pregnant)

With the weather being its beautiful sunny self lately, Cabbit and I have been spending nearly every day outside. I love spending time with my boy, even though he can push my buttons, but then again he is our son and it is kind of his job to dive us crazy. Everyday he’s learning about the world we live in and I love that his father and I are a part of that. I really enjoy our little adventures together. We load up on supplies like a picnic and sent off to discover a new magical creature or a secret land that has been lost for centuries. Adventure is out there!


I have always enjoyed being outside, hearing the birds singing as the trees sway to their tune while the breeze attempts to dance with my hair. It’s beautiful. Just breathing it all in and watching the world go by. It sets my mind at ease if I’m having a crappy day and helps me de-stress from the annoyances that life brings. If I could I would spend all day outside writing, drinking iced tea and watching bunnies hop about. Well, I kind of do that but don’t. Looking after our son does take up a lot of my time; correction, ALL of my time.



I love my son’s imagination. A twig can be anything from a sword to a magical wand which he will cast spells from at unarmed bugs nearby. Next door’s cat is a tiger that can fly! The list is endless. A child’s mind is so creative and it fascinates me every day.



I spend every day with our son (being a full-time mum does allow me this luxury) so I try to find new ways to keep us both entertained. One of our favourite pastimes is to wander into town, browse charity shops, sometimes grab a cheeky Starbucks and then head to the park. We can spend hours in the park, playing, making new friends or just chilling. Our adventures together bring me so much joy and I will treasure these days for as long as I live. I still can’t believe that my husband and I brought this amazing child into our lives. It baffles me and melts my heart. Sorry, getting cheesy I know!

Our relationship is that of mother and son but also best friends. I often hear a lot of negativity towards parents who are best friends with their children. That it’s wrong or you can’t do it. Well each to their own. I will always be his mother but I am also his friend. It is possible to be both. I will always be there for him, listen to him and support him no matter what. Not because I have to but because I want to. I love being his mother. I am so ridiculously proud of him and love his little personality. He has a wicked sense of humour and an awesome laugh. I really hope as he grows we will still have a strong relationship and he will know that he can talk to me about anything. I hope to have this with all my children. There will be difficult times like slamming doors and moody outbursts but I hope they will know that I am always here for them.


I have uploaded a new vlog about one of our adventures together! Check it out below! Enjoy!

Right, I am off to top-up my hair in all its purpleness! We have a busy day tomorrow! Taking Uncle Sheldon out for his birthday treat! Excited!

Have a relaxing evening!

Hop hop wiggle wiggle