Cabbit’s First Pair Of New Shoes!

Hello dear readers, I hope you are all well. Is it just me or has our dear friend, the sun, been trying to make an appearance over the last few days? I hope not as I am not a sun person. I love the cold weather! I just melt in the heat, not fun.

Anyway, last weekend we went away to visit granddad Bob. It was a much-needed weekend away (which turned into a 4 day weekend) as we have been so busy lately, my husband doing his university projects and me doing my writing and of course both being parents. On our weekend away we decided that it was also the perfect time to get Cabbit his first pair of shoes as he is becoming a more and more confident walker each day. What a fun visit to the shoe shop that was…

We drove to a big trading estate with a Brantano and took a gander inside. Cabbit is now 1 year and one month old (and a few days, but hey who’s counting) so we thought enough time has passed that it now seemed appropriate for our son to get his first pair of shoes. We had been told by GPs and Midwives all throughout my pregnancy that we should only buy him shoes when he can actually walk with confidence because if you put you children in to shoes before they can walk properly it doesn’t help the development of their feet (arches etc.). It actually makes it harder for them to learn. So we decided to leave the shoes until the whole walking thing happened and it seems to have worked out alright in the end.

As I was saying, we went to Brantano and were lucky enough to have the whole shop to ourselves. I find this to be both a good and bad thing. Good: You can wander around without bumping into people. Bad: The sales assistants watch you like crazy and it really drives me mad!


We all got our feet sized and I was shocked to learn that I was a 6 and a half! I have not been able to fit into a 6 and a half since my teenage days. I wear size 8 because I was a size 7 but when I got pregnant my feet went up a size. Madness!

Cabbit was so well-behaved when the lovely sales assistant sized his feet, he nearly went for her hair but decided against it. Good choice. We were then shown some shoes in his size and decided on a lovely navy blue pair with little aeroplanes on them. They are cruiser soles, which means they are soft and not hard like trainers but still hard enough to protect little feet from day-to-day roughness on the floor. Apparently it is best to start off with these so your child can get used to wearing something on their feet before moving up to a harder sole. Works for us.


I was a little disappointed that we did’t get him a set of wellies because all three of us desperately wanted to go puddle jumping. But we only have to wait a few weeks before we can, so not long! Beware puddles, the Mackay family are coming for you.

I think the trip was a success, even if after he had chosen his news shoes Cabbit went wandering off through the shop picking up shoes (high-heeled shoes in particular!) and throwing them on the floor. Oh child of ours, we do love you.

Right I am off to make some spaghetti for us all and snuggle down with a family film for the night. Enjoy your evening everyone and if you ever see a child in a shoe shop throwing the shoes on the floor, I assure you they mean no harm. They are just re-organising them how they likes it.

Hop hop wiggle wiggle

Valentines Day Survival Guide-Alien Edition

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a lovely Valentines day!

Me and my husband ate pizza and played Alien Isolation and Call Of Duty with our dear friend Sheldon! This is how we roll!

Incase you missed it, here is my youtube video on how to survive Valentines day. I forgot to post it, so sorry for the lateness. Worth a watch and giggle!

The Toilet Seat Debate!

Up? Down? What the hell is going on in this crazy world?! It’s a toilet seat! Does it really matter if it’s left up or down? Really? Isn’t life too short for this nonsense?

I would really love to know what you guys think about this whole debacle. Should it be the man’s duty to put the toilet seat down? Should women be putting the seat up for men?

In my opinion I believe it works both ways. I don’t see why men should get their ear chewed off if they forget to put the toilet seat down, or, well within their rights, just not bother. I have known relationships to break up because of this madness! Are we not capable of doing it ourselves ladies? Yes, it’s not hygienic but can we not wash our hands? Besides, the men are picking up germs everytime they are lifting it up. It really puzzles me why SOME women (not all) feel like the men HAVE to put the seat down for them. Surely we should also be returning the favour and be putting the seat up for the men? But no. The men get blamed if they forget and there is no responsibility placed on us women in this matter whatsoever.

Want to hear me moan more about this issue? Take a gander at my YouTube video below, comment and let me now what you think?  I’m genuinely interested to hear WHY this is such a life-or-death situation for SOME people, and what the rest of us think about it.

I am off to bed as it has been an extremely long day! We just watched Airheads and OHMYGOD! AMAZING FILM! AMAZING!!!

Hop hop wiggle wiggle

Let’s Talk About..Depression (My experience with postnatal depression)

It has been a tough year but I am getting there. Never be afraid to speak up if you think you are suffering with depression. You don’t need to be ashamed and never, ever blame yourself.

Please share if you know anyone going through this. I hope it will encourage those suffering in silence to seek help and join me on the road to recovery at taking our lives back!


Only Until…-Oscilloscope Rhythms

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