A New Adventure

Seeing my son’s name written boldly in a black sharpie makes me overcome with emotion. Today is the first day our son starts his newest adventure. Nursery! AHHHHH!


I didn’t honestly realise how fast this day would be upon us. He was only just born! Where did the time go? Ah! I remember. The laughter, the love, the tears (mostly me!) and here we are. Our son taking that big step into the scary unknown. Wait. Is this such a good idea? Of course it is! I have to trust that he will be ok and not wrap him up in candy floss (much safe than cotton wool 😉 ) for the rest of his life. I know we would have done the whole nursery thing sooner but with the move to Scotland it set things back a bit. And now we are here. Eek! When was everything fast forwarded? I don’t remember pressing skip. But alas that’s the thing isn’t it. When you have children time is a precious, shiny, sparkly thing you want to keep under lock and key. To slowly unleash at your will but secretly wanting to freeze those special moments forever.


Our son has been attending nursery for 30 mins up to an hour for one day for the past few weeks to ease him into it. It has worked beautifully. So much so that he hates leaving. He really does. Something I will remind him of when he’s older and he’s pulling the old “My stomach hurts, no school today Mum please.” As from tomorrow he will be in full-time and I am excited and scared for him. Excited because he is really enjoying himself and the nursery is fabulous. They are mostly based outdoors which is perfect for him as he loves nature. Scared because it’s my little baby boy going out into the world everyday without his mother or father. I have to place my trust in the people looking after him and tell myself he will be ok. He will be ok! On constant repeat until I hold him in my arms again.


I have come to discover that this is a very normal thing to feel. As parents we naturally want only the best for our children. Nothing less or by half. Only the absolute best will do. We created them, gave them life and brought them into this crazy world. We are their protectors and would kill for them like a lioness defending their cubs. I feel like I will always feel like this. Even when my boys are married and have children of their own. I will be secretly worrying about them. Have they eaten? Are they safe? An endless list of stress. But I have to force myself to take a step back, have a cup of tea (maybe a doughnut too) and calm. I have to believe that it will all be ok otherwise I will drive myself insane with stress. For now I need to focus on the positive. That our son is going to nursery and really enjoying it. He is safe and well looked after. It’s hard not to think the worst when you see all these awful stories on the news but at the end of the long agonising day, you just have to go with your gut. If it doesn’t feel right, then listen to it. On this instance, my gut tells me he is in good hands and safe.


Phew. I need a drink. A cider perhaps. All this worrying and stress is doing me no good. But hey, I am a mother and it’s kinda what we do. My boy is starting out on a new adventure and I couldn’t be more proud of him. Before I know it my 5 month year old will be doing the very same thing. Seriously where does the time go! Just slow down!

As I wave him off today I will shed an invisible tear that my little baby boy is growing up. He will always be my baby but I am loving watching him grow, becoming the strong, confident individual he is today. We still have time for our silly games chasing each other round the house and snuggling with a movie. Don’t ever stop being you my gorgeous boy and please, please always keep your wicked sense of humour! ROAR! (yay! I did it!)

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The Impressionists-Moonlight Publishing (Boolino Book Review)


My boys love their art, especially my eldest. I can give him a pad of paper with some paints and he is a happy chappy for hours. He mixes the colours, experiments with different brushes and has fun with it. With a dash of creativity and inspiration a blank canvas can soon become a work of art. Grab yourself some paints and let’s get painting! I have an artistic book to share with you this week that has made a huge impression on me.


Thank-you to the fabulous people at Moonlight Publishing and Boolino for sending me a copy of The Impressionists, illustrated by Jean-Philippe ChabotMoonlight Publishing offer over 50 other My First Discoveries titles. So what are you waiting for? Discover something new today! The world we live in is fascinating, to watch our children learn through such creative books is heartwarming. You can never, ever have too many books!


Aimed at 4-9 year olds, The Impressionists is the perfect read for your little Van Gogh’s to learn about this style of painting in a clear but factually fun way. This book is filled with beautiful examples of impressionist’s paintings such as Auguste Renoir and Claude Monet. Don’t be surprised if your little one rushes outside armed with paints the minute you have finished the last sentence. Better make some space on the fridge to hang all those masterpieces.


There’s not too much information thrown at you, just enough to help learn and understand about this revolutionary movement. Often books such as this can overload you with the facts but THIS, this is a lovely little balance that encourages you both to learn more with every page you turn. There is just the right amount of text accompanied by illustrations that help you both have a clean and informative understanding.


Moonlight Publishing are passionate about learning and it’s shown masterfully in this book. Discovery has been a big theme behind their publishing and works with captivating and holding children’s attention. No wonder they have sold over 40 million copies in 30 languages around the world. They are exceptionally good at nurturing little minds and curiosity that promote them to discover the world from their own unique perspective. We have definitely learned a lot after reading The Impressionists and can’t wait to share our knowledge with others.


We loved how they explained the way The Impressionists painted the play of light on people and the landscapes around them. The transparent pages really helped to highlight this in great examples and show my little artists how it was done. He really enjoyed flipping the pages back and forth as it helped him have a clearer understanding. It’s approaches such as this, well constructed and tangible that make education entertaining  and accessible children.



I give The Impressionists a Five out of Five Paw rating. It’s fun, factual and inspires your little ones to get creative and paint the world around them.

aTqb75nTM  aTqb75nTM aTqb75nTM aTqb75nTM aTqb75nTM


Grab yourself a copy here for only £6.29 from Boolino. Discover the painters that mastered the use of their impressions of the world around them. The world always needs more art! So lets create some! Happy reading and painting.



Don’t forget to check out Moonlight Publishing as they have tons of titles for you to discover. Their books are literally works of art! Enjoy and discovery something new and exciting today.



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Stargazing For Beginners By Jenny McLachlan (Boolino Book Review)


Space, the final frontier they call it. The great unknown and one of life’s many mysteries surrounds us on a daily basis. We humans go about our everyday lives completely oblivious to the fact that our sun that we use to tan and relax in is a dying star. Our moon is our natural (reflective) nightlight as we sleep. And the stars make twinkling pictures for us in the night sky and guide us home when we are lost. Fancy a bit of stargazing dear readers? Do I ever have the book to share with you! Grab a blanket and a pair of binoculars as we gaze from the chaos that is Earth. If we are lucky we might see a shooting star or even toast some marshmallows. Poyekhali!

The wonderful people at Boolino have sent me a gorgeous copy of Stargazing For Beginners By Jenny McLachlan published by Bloomsbury. I squealed with delight the moment I saw this book. Not only is the cover a beauty and has shiny gold lettering but it’s about a topic I have always found fascinating; life.


For fifteen year old Meg, life on earth for her is non-existent. The life for her is amongst the stars and planets millions of light years away in undiscovered galaxies. Imagine her surprise when her free-spirited mother drops her baby sister Elsa on her and jets off on yet another charity mission half way across the world. Meg must now face her biggest challenge in life yet. Can she prep her speech in time for the NASA competition while trying to look after her sister, make friends, fall in love and keep on top of her homework? Houston, we have a problem.


Meg is such a relatable character to teenagers. She’s shy, hates public speaking and doesn’t know how to socialise with people her own age. From what I remember from being a teenager, it’s tough. Really tough. Trying to fit in and find your own place while still being true to who you are is difficult. There are so many changes at that age that a lot of teens find hard to cope with. Meg can talk about atoms and constellations but she struggles when it comes to talking about the latest Ed Sheeran song. It’s an alien concept to her, another world that she finds hard to make sense of. It’s comforting to know that characters like Meg exist in literature, that make us geeks/nerds feel less alone.

This is why I want to go to be an astronaut: life on Earth is way too complicated.

McLachlan is a master at developing Meg’s character as the story progresses. Meg learns from her mistakes and is forced to go out of her comfort zone. She tends to rely on logic and facts but soon finds herself listening to the beat of her own heart. It’s heartwarming to read and I shed a little tear as Meg did her speech at the end. It made me release that we all have our own Earth team. Family and friends who support us. We don’t have to do it alone, and only need ask for help should we need it.


The way McLachlan employs imagery is cosmic to read. I found the use of the state of Meg’s flat as a reflection of how she is feeling worked perfectly. Only towards the end when she tries to clear some space does she start to begin to think differently and beyond the chaos. Up until that point only her room is precisely how she wants it, she can control the chaos within her four walls. What she can’t control is everyone else. She has to learn to accept it for what it is and try to deal with the situation as best she can. That sometimes life needs a little bit of chaos and it’s not always a bad thing.

The strong theme of chaos is very present in this book. More and more teenagers are looking after their siblings and have an absent parent. We only need watch Children In Need and can see how real this crisis is. A lot of teenagers are being forced to take on adult responsibilities before they are ready to, causing a domino effect that tumbles out of control. Stargazing For Beginners gives teenagers hope and shows them that there is always someone willing to help. That wishing on stars is not as silly as it sounds and one day, things will get better for them.

I’ve realised that space isn’t an escape from the chaos of human beings, it’s something I have because of the chaos of human beings.

Encouraging people to follow their dreams no matter how big or small is always, always important and I love how McLachlan involves this throughout the book. As someone who was always told I couldn’t write because I had dyslexia, I strived to prove people wrong. And boy did I. I got my degree (2:1 might I add) in Creative Writing and Film Studies.*sticks tongue out* So you can imagine how much of a friend I found in Meg when I discovered that she had big dreams. Big dreams that made people give her the same look I got when I replied to, “What do you want to do with your life?” Dreams that made me, like Meg doubt whether it was possible, but our determination surged us through to success and the chance to prove everyone wrong. Never give up on your dreams and who you are. Shine bright like the shiny sparkling star you are because after all, we are all stardust.


I found myself smiling, tearing up and laughing throughout this book.  You can not help but feel good once you finish the last sentence. I challenge anyone who reads this to not go through the emotions, I double dare you!

I give Stargazing For Beginners By Jenny McLachlan a Five out of Five paw rating.

aTqb75nTM  aTqb75nTM  aTqb75nTM  aTqb75nTM  aTqb75nTM

It’s witty, creative and overall gives you this warm fuzzy feeling that you can’t help but love. A story of never giving up and holding onto your dreams. With a dash of chaos, friendship and love thrown into the mix it’s the perfect coming of age story. Grab yourself a copy and next time you look up at the stars, remember your dreams are always within your grasp. Save 30% when you order a copy from Boolino for only£5.59!!! Your journey to the stars begins here! http://www.boolino.co.uk/kids-childrens-books/stargazing-for-beginners/


I am already looking forward to reading more of McLachlan’s work as there was an extract for Flirty Dancing at the back. Her writing style is addictive and one that makes you not want to put the book down until the very last page. Another talented author added to my list!  For more information about the author check out the links below!



925898b903a4d9182622fda48f870f66_welcome-to-our-room-with-a-twitter-logo-clipart-png_1139-926 @JennyMcLachlan



 Jenny McLachlan

Thank you to Boolino for sending me yet another fabulous read. These guys are passionate about reading and I love it. Check them out and discover something new to add to your bookshelf today!







Also thank you to Bloomsbury! Keep publishing books like this with such talented authors. Have a browse of their massive selection of adventures on the link below. You can never have too many books.







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Nothing Is Strange-Mike Russell Book Review

I was given this book in exchange for an honest review

Once again I swan dive into the depths of the strange and alluring world of Mike Russell. I chat with satisfaction, have a little dance with paranoia and dine with diversity over a roof top view of the universe. Prepare to have you mind blown, literally. You will find pieces of your brain scattered beautifully upon the page. It’s quite liberating, to expand the mind and turn those cogs manually for once. To see behind the facade of everyday life, ask those questions and open Pandora’s box.


Thank you to the amazing people at Strangebooks for this opportunity to review Nothing is Strange by Mike Russell. As always it is a pleasure to work with such a bunch of talented people. Hats off to you. Seriously, if you haven’t checked them out you should. Discover a strange and enchanting world and steel yourself to look through the keyhole. 20 extraordinary short stories await you in Nothing Is Strange. Be prepared for the odd and unusual, this material is not for the faint at heart. Dare you read on dear reader?

“The barber cut the hermaphrodite in two, thus beginning the universe.”


Russell’s writing style reminds me in ways of H. P. Lovecraft, unique and hypnotic. There are times you want to look away but can’t. Similar to when you have a scab, you know you shouldn’t pick at it but you find yourself making it bleed until it scabs over again thus beginning an endless loop. You are creating your own vicious cycle until you break the chain and ask yourself why you ever did that. Why did you deliberately make yourself bleed when you knew of the consequence? You know the answer so why ask the question? This, ladies and gentlemen is the crux of the matter.

“Maybe if we understood what is really going on we wouldn’t cry at all, ever.”

What I like about Russell’s style of writing is that it is thought-provoking. It makes you ask yourself a lot of questions; let’s throw away those rose-tinted glasses shall we folks and take a good hard look at reality and beyond. In ways it’s reminiscent of that feeling of being tipsy. A good and happy feeling in my personal opinion. Can you get drunk from reading? Is it possible to pick up a tasty liqueur of fine creativity from your local supermarket on a Friday night? Russell’s writing is similar to that, knowledgeable and comforting. The world makes sense all of a sudden and things slot into place. You wonder why you have never seen it like this before, that it is all so simple. A lightbulb moment forever frozen in time where you are looking down on yourself and finally making sense of the world. Drink anyone?

“We all already occupy the same space,” Harry whispers. “It is just our centres that are at different points.”

I strongly recommend that you check out Russell’s work. There is always more to his writing than meets the eye. His use of imagery is striking and effective. He enhances the readers senses to the max. As much as I love my imagination and the images that these stories create in my mind, I would love to see them adapted on the sliver screen. From the amount of remakes and reboots the film industry is getting at the moment, it is yearning for some talent and creativity. I believe this would be perfect. *hint hint to all the famous film directors out there, get on it.”



I give this book a five out of five paw rating.

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It was the perfect wine to savour after my three course meal. Think I will have another glass, make that a bottle! Cheers!

Don’t forget to check out StrangBooks and grab yourself a new fascinating read!

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Mother’s Day

Ah that time of year again where mothers all over the world hold up their wine glasses and rejoice in being a fabulous mum. Cheers! A title that is never just given to us because we have pushed a small human out of our foof. But a title that is earned and respected. A title that makes us smile, laugh and turn into a right demon if crossed before our morning cuppa.


I was never sure if motherhood was for me. I know that I have always wanted children but to actually be a mother was a little hazy. I didn’t see myself as the mothering kind. I’m just, well *peers down at self* me. Purple frizzy hair, harlequin nails and Doc Marten’s. That’s me. I watch horror and giggle at how bad the CGI is (studying film studies at university does that to you) play games, listen to music, write, read, drink tea, eat too much cake, should I go on? You see, I thought being a mum was all about knitting little booties, always having the cupboards full and kissing bruised knees. But it’s so much more than that isn’t it. It’s a job and it isn’t a job. You don’t get paid, your food gets stolen whenever you sit down to eat and holidays are a rare mythical construct from another life or non-parent’s stories.


I remember the moment I found out I was going to be a mother, about 3 years and 8 months ago. As the nurse handed me the stick of pee (should be a holy grail HA) and told me “Your pregnant” I froze. A strange happy freeze that I was with child. A shock but a happy shock. The second time I found out I was pregnant I cried. A happy joyful cry. I hope as I grow old those memories will never fade from me for they were the moments I realised how precious and fragile life is. When I first held both my boys I couldn’t believe we had made such beautiful little babies. No words really. No words.


Hmmmm, now I think about it, is title the right word to use here? Crown? Cape? How about whatever you feel comfortable with. Whatever it is, wear it with pride and be the mum you were meant to be. Don’t let textbooks, the internet or people tell you otherwise. What matters is that your children are loved, looked after and cared for.


I would like to wish my own mother a happy mother’s day! I hope you have a relaxing day and thank-you for putting up with me as your daughter over the years. I can be stubborn and bad tempted at the worst of times. Something my eldest has inherited from me. So thank you for never giving up on me and letting me follow my dreams! *raises glass*


Right, better get a wiggle on. We are off to the beach for sand castle building, shell collecting and best of all CHIPS! Chippy chips! NOMNOMNOM!

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FIGHT!!! My Dream Loot Crate!

Who doesn’t love a good old-fashioned beat-em-up. A tonne of button bashing, that rush of adrenaline when you’re on a winning streak and your little victory dance at the end when you a crowned WINNER! If you’re a avid gamer like me, it’s a big deal, I’ve earned my blistered claw hands for the hours of gameplay I have partaken in. It’s an honour to have them bestowed upon me. That’s the real prize, that feeling of satisfaction that you have mastered every move for every character. A healthy and therapeutic way to let off steam if you can’t afford a gym membership or take a karate class. Did I mention fun too? Now, who shall I choose for the next round? I think I’ll go with my favourite, Panda!


I found out that awesome people at Loot Crate put together a project for fans to create their very own dream Loot Crate How awesome is that? If you love all things pop culture then you NEED to check these guys out. Pause whatever you are doing and take a look, you’re gonna want to see this. I will wait here for you and sip my chai tea while you have a little look. Go go go!

Loot Cratelc-logo-black-7195a42c50379261f1132334f8d17aa3f80322d685f7c9b045c2b6e9df722997.pngBoxOpen-bea58e0c3a22894e1f1aadc5cb1664a5.png

….And your back! So what did you think? Amazing right? That they put together monthly subscriptions crates bursting with the best and most exclusive licensed figures, t-shirts, home goods, and more! Basically, all things geek! A label I wear loudly with pride and confidence every day. I have no shame in the things that make me happy bringing extra joy to my life and nor should you. What’s even more great about Loot Crate there’s also no pressure as you can cancel your subscription at any time or even skip a month and start again later. Who doesn’t love receiving monthly boxes filled with goodies direct to your door. You deserve to have a treat now and then, so why not a crate jam-packed with awesomeness! They do crates from anime to gaming and beyond, even crates for your pets so your beloved K9 friend can look fashionably geek with you on your daily walkies. Their franchise range varies from The Wizarding World of Harry Potter to Firefly (sheds a tear for such a great show being cancelled way too soon! And then that travesty of a movie!!!! YOU DON’T KILL WASH) Trust me, you won’t be disappointed. Is your inner fangirl/boy squealing yet? They are always adding new content and love to help answer any questions readers might have. They also have had Wash do a few videos for the Firefly crate. *Starts playing with toy dinosaurs* “Yes. Yes. This is a fertile land and we will thrive. We will rule over all this land! And we will call it… this land!”


If I am lucky enough for my dream crate to be chosen, it could become a real crate for a month’s subscription. Radical! Let the battle commence. My theme is of course the classic Beat-Em-Ups (FIGHT!) Featuring the franchises of Tekken, Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat. Let me introduce you to my tag team for my dream Loot Crate. Continue? Insert coin here! …9…8…7


1.) Street Fighter T-shirt 


Loot Crate (From €11)

Introducing player one, this FIGHT Street Fighter tee from Loot Crate. It’s the perfect item of clothing for your world-wide tournaments with your friends. The striking red complements this design and is definitely a winner on my team. Especially as some of the characters are cleverly included in the silhouette of FIGHT. Wear it proudly and fight for what you believe in. It may only be a t-shirt to some but to us it’s a symbol of strength, courage and determination that only our community truly appreciate. Get ready for the next battle!

2.) Jin Pop Vinyl Figure 


www.popinabox.co.uk  (From £9.99)

*Squeals* Just look at how adorable Jin is in pop vinyl figure form. Awww! He’s trying to act all tough but he is just the cutest. *clears throat* Apologies, I don’t know what came over me there dear reader. But…look at him, he is just so CUTE! Who wouldn’t want a mini Jin to protect their home. He would literally melt intruders with his big chibi eyes. JUST.SO.CUTE! I need one bad!

3.) Mortal Kombat Scorpion Spear Bottle Opener


www.gamerabilia.co.uk (From £22)

Why settle for a boring mundane bottle opener when you can have this! Your very own Scorpion spear. It’s the perfect addition for your kitchen. I also imagine that this is how Scorpion opens bottles. I mean, he can make spears appear out of his hands. Might as well use them when he needs to open a bottle or two. The next time you hear someone asking for a bottle opener you can yell “GET OVER HERE!

4.) Akuma Kanji Travel Mug 

www.redbubble.com (From £15)

Keep hydrated on the go with this Akuma Kanji Travel Mug. A simple, sleek yet effective design that is a must for any hardcore fan. Only you and your fellow gamers will know what the symbol means. (MUHAHAHAHA! That was my best impression of an evil laugh. Failed yes I know, will now hang my head in shame.) Everyone else is oblivious which is the beauty of it. Thirsty? Ready for round five?

5.) Tekken Hat


www.bandainamcoent-store.com (From £16)

With Tekken 7 a matter of months away it only seems fitting to welcome it in style with this trendy hat trick. Heihachi! Crying! What more do you need! The guy is someone you really don’t want to mess with yet here he is shedding a tear. Just like the Jin figure it’s making me go Awwww! It’s also getting me excited for the upcoming release of Tekken 7, it has been years! Curious as to why he is crying and how it ties in with the game. *jumps up and down* I want to play it now! But need to wait! Ahh!

6.) Mortal Kombat Comic


forbiddenplanet.com (From £10) 

Books are my life! If I could live inside a library or book shop, I would. I am definitely one of those girls that fell in love with the library over the beast. I am loving my graphic novels and comics lately (especially my Harley Quinn ones) and so had to have a Mortal Kombat one on this list as it’s one of my favourite beat-em-ups. What hooks me in is the attention to detail. The artwork fascinates me, I want to frame every page on my bedroom wall. I also enjoy finding out more about the characters that the games don’t always have time for. Back stories have always interested me. Really need to read this now! Who wants to come comic shopping with me?



Oops sorry, got a little carried away.

So there you have it, my line up of my dream Loot Crate. Can’t wait to see what others come up with. I just love this form of creativity! I have fully enjoyed this project and am now itching to get on the Playstation and do some serious butt kicking against my husband. Panda never fails me! I hope you have enjoyed this and would love to hear your thoughts on my crate idea. What would you have in yours? Let me know in the comments below! Don’t forget to check out Loot Crate and mention it to your fellow team-mates. Two words. Geek heaven!


You can also find them on Twitter, instagram, Facebook and Youtube! 


Hop hop wiggle wiggle

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Farmer Falgu Boolino Books Review


Are your children noisy? Loud? Just love to make a racket all day long? Well, technically that’s all children isn’t it. But BOY do I have the books for you dear reader. Grab a cuppa and make yourself comfortable as I share with you a pair of exciting children’s books. (Recently named in the TES top 50 books on diversity to use in a school classroom!) That were made for your little noise makers.

Aimed at 3+ let me introduce, Farmer Falgu Goes On a Trip and Farmer Falgu Goes To The Market written by Chitra Soundar and illustrated by Kanika Nair. Sent to me by the lovely people at Boolino and published by Red Robin Books, these books make the start of a series in introducing a flavour of rural India to children. How awesome is that? Children always need more exposure to different Countries and cultures to help them realise how gorgeously diverse the world is. So they can see that the world is a big place just waiting for them to go off on an adventure and explore it’s breathtaking and exotic lands.

Farmer Falgu Goes On A Trip

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Every mother can relate to wanting just five minute’s peace and a hot cup of tea. It becomes gold dust once you have children, there is no peace, no quiet, just loud clanging noises all day everyday. It.Never.Stops.Never! So it was a joy to find a friend in Farmer Falgu who felt the same with his farm.

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Farmer Falgu longs for the peaceful sound of silence and sets off from his farm to find it. Along the way he meets some lively musical characters and his quest for silence seems lost.Will he ever find it?

I love how the story flows while incorporating sounds and rhythm. My son is such a happy but LOUD toddler and so he really enjoyed making noises with each new character we met. He especially loved doing the Dum-Dum bit every time the old man played the drum. I can still hear him now in the other room playing his toy drum going “DUM-DUM! DUM-DUM!DSCN5199.JPG

The repetition used is perfect for children as it helps them remember what is happening in the story. If your child is anything like mine, they tend to get distracted and lose focus easily. But this use of repetition helps bring them back to what is happening and get them involved again in the story.

Nair’s illustrations are like nothing my son and I have seen before in a children’s picture book. You often get bright garish colours that make your eyes pop and give you a bit of a migraine. But Nair’s natural and warm tones bring rural India right to your doorstep. It’s pleasing to the eye and draws in inquisitive young readers to that part of the world. I’m not surprised that it was shortlisted for the 2016 Hindu Young World-Goodbooks award.

I asked my son what he made of the story and he yelled “Again! Again!” He loves the cows and asked why they had red dots on their forehead. When I told him what they were he was fascinated and wanted to learn more about a different culture. photo 6His curiosity and willingness to learn about the world will always enthrall me and make me beam with pride. It’s books like this that are a keeper and show our children that there’s so much to learn and discover in the world.

In addition to being just plain fun, it may leave readers curious to learn more about the rural Indian setting.”
Publishers Weekly

photo 9Farmer Falgu Goes On A Trip made me realise that sometimes what we are searching for is right under our noses. Farmer Falgu finally finds the peace and quiet he needs but the moment he does, he starts thinking about his farm. How it’s noisy because it’s happy and that makes him happy. It made me see that maybe the loud booming sounds my children make aren’t such a bad thing. Because when I think about it, I hate it when everything goes silent. The soundtrack to my life is my children’s laughter, their chatter and their extremely high-pitched animal noises. It’s bliss and reminds me that life is noisy, so enjoy it and dance to it’s rhythm with your little monsters.


Farmer Falgu Goes To The Market

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The second in the series does not disappoint. We have all had bad days where everything goes wrong the second we wake up. Late to work, miss the bus, forget your lunch, things spiral and go from bad to a complete nightmare in a matter of mere seconds. However Farmer Falgu has a nifty little trick that I wish I had thought of sooner to help in such a situation.

Farmer Falgu is on his way to market when suddenly disaster strikes at every turn. Will his stock survive and arrive at market intact? Will Farmer Falgu be able to save anything?

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Farmer Falgu makes a positive out of a negative situation which is a great lesson for children to learn. If something doesn’t go to plan, then flip it and make it happen. Don’t give up and keep trying. Teaching and encouraging our children to keep going and achieve their dreams is so important. It helps them assert themselves and to never accept anything less. We know as their parents they are worth so much more and we want THEM to see it. To know it without arrogance, just assertive confidence.

Similar to the first book, the story flows together and has a little rhythm to it with the repetition. I like this style in children’s books as it’s consistent and really helps with children’s learning. You feel yourself getting into a little groove as you read along together and feel involved in the action that is taking place on the page.

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Towards the end I found myself dribbling like a bulldog wanting a taste of omelette. My senses were heightened with the description of the smells and flavours happening on the page. So me and my son decided to make one for lunch and repeat the story as we went. Slicing the onions, dicing the tomatoes and cracking the eggs. Saying each action as we did them like the story. It’s a simple but effective way for children to get involved and remind them that learning can be fun and exciting, not to mention tasty. Oh-so-tasty…..


Again, no wonder this second in the series has been named in the TES top 50 books on diversity to have in the school classroom. It shows young readers a taste of what life is like in rural India. A real sense of community and helping each other out was very much present in both books, which is always a good message (in my book, bad pun I know!) to tell children.

This story is a triumph of an accident. It’s catastrophic, clever and really quite heart-warming.
Good Books

Soundar and Nair dance perfectly together without a single step out of time. They compliment and enhance each other’s contributions to these books. Soundars words bring Nair’s work to life and vice-versa. They are truly a perfect match and I look forward to seeing/reading more of their work in the future.

Both stories are ideal for an afternoon read. It allows your little one to make noise and burn off some energy while you get to put your feet up (for a few seconds) and finally enjoy that hot cuppa you have much deserved.

I give both Farmer Falgu books a five out of five paw rating.

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They are educational, fun and packed with rhythms that will get you and little ones fully involved. I look forward to reading more in the series! Check them out on the links below!

Grab a copy here for only £5.99! and introduce your little ones to a whole new exciting world. http://www.boolino.co.uk/kids-childrens-books/farmer-falgu-goes-trip/

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And of course don’t forget,

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for also only £5.99! http://www.boolino.co.uk/kids-childrens-books/farmer-falgu-goes-market/

Big thank you to Boolino who gave me this opportunity. Always much appreciated. If you want to discover something new and wonderful to add to your bookshelf, then check these guys out here. I promise you, you won’t be disappointed.



And of course a huge thank-you to the wonderful people at Red Robin Books. Check them out on the link below. You and child’s next adventure is awaiting you!




For more information about Chitra Soundar:  http://www.chitrasoundar.com


And also check out Kanika Nair here : http://nairkanika.blogspot.co.uk

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