Tea Party!

Published April 2, 2014 by masonlovesdoughnuts

Want to hear about my day? No? Then go and eat some pie! Or KFC! I could kill for KFC right now! I have not had it in ages! Mmmm chicken and gravy! I need to stop thinking about food; my insides can’t deal with that sort of heavenly goodness right now. Boo!

One of the many reasons why I love being a mum is because I still act like a big kid! It’s amazing! And fun! Today I thought it was about time Cabbit threw a tea party, to welcome Tiger and Mog into his little gang of fluffy friends. It’s such a magical moment when you see your son smiling at you because you are making Mog lick his head and argue with Tiger that it tastes like eggs, not ham. Cabbit’s smile brightens my day and knowing that I made him grin makes it even more special. I can’t wait for the day when he can talk and respond more. But of course I am enjoying each day as it comes.

We made a bad decision by inviting Furby to the tea party, as soon as he showed up Cabbit started crying. So we had to get Animal to throw him out. Yes, I may be talking silly and childlike but I like it *sticks out tongue*


I am off to try to do a little reading. My love of books has suffered over the past few weeks as things at home have been crazy! Cabbit’s been going through a growth spurt which means more crying and fussing than normal. But things have settled down and my husband has taken a well-earned break for a few weeks from practicing for his recital. We go to Devon soon! Can’t wait for Cabbit to see the sea and see some countryside!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Published March 30, 2014 by masonlovesdoughnuts

I will keep this brief as I am super tired from a busy day. I hope all you mother’s out there had a fabulous day! I spent the day with family. Frist we had a little stroll over to Waterstones were we picked up Cabbit some new friends, The Tiger Who Came To Tea and Mog The Forgetful Cat (Toys). Then we went to my favourite bakery, Patisserie Valerie and got a few treats to eat by the river as we watched the ducks swim by. After we headed on over to see family and had lunch in the garden. Cabbit loved it. Perfect day surrounded by loved ones. What would have made it that extra bit better would be my family being there too but they live all the way in Devon. However next Friday we will be boarding a train and spending the week with them! So not all is lost!


I’m off to make dinner and snuggle up and watch a movie with the husband as Cabbit is sound asleep! Fingers crossed he stays asleep until tomorrow morning! I can dream!



Purple is the New Blue!

Published March 29, 2014 by masonlovesdoughnuts

 As I am sure some of you are aware, I have a son. A little boy called Robert. He looks very much like a boy, even with his long gorgeous eyelashes. Apparently boys have longer lashes than girls. However, every time I am out with Robert in his pram people come up to me and say “Oh what a beautiful baby girl.” Girl?!? He’s a boy! It took me a few seconds to figure out why people thought he was a girl. Then it hit me. His pram is purple. People are assuming he is a girl because he has a purple pram. Since when was purple a girls only colour? In fact since when was any colour a gender specific? Purple isn’t only for girls and besides it’s an awesome colour.

Bj5xS2RIAAAlomR(Rocking the orange look today)

I really do wish people would stop shoving children into gender colour groups. Pink for girls, blue for boys. Like I have ranted in a previous blog, children should be able to explore all the colours of the rainbow. I have no shame in having a purple pram for my son; people who think that it’s gender confusing really do need to get a life. I mean seriously? If I push my son into only likening what his gender are “supposed” to like, surely that would cause him to rebel? I want to let my son express himself and explore all the colourful variety that life has to offer. Purple is the new blue! Plus, I know tons of grown men who love the colour purple, my husband being one of them. PURPLE ROCKS!


Today we are having a family day! We have had a lovely walk in the sun to pick up a few goodies, I am making cookies later (BUNNY SHAPED COOKIES) and we are going to snuggle up together to watch Disney films. I love family days!

Make-Up Bunny Mummy!

Published March 27, 2014 by masonlovesdoughnuts

As a mother, multi-tasking has become a daily occurrence. I will be feeding Cabbit, drinking tea and writing while listening to music. These days I’m lucky to find time for myself, a long hot bubble bath and face mask only happens when my husband is home and I can escape the world of spit up and baby poop for an hour. So you can imagine my confusion when I found myself putting on more than foundation when I applied my make-up the other day. Back before Cabbit was born I wore make-up a lot. I didn’t pile it on my face like a scary clown; I just wore what I liked. Foundations, eye shadows, eyeliner, mascara, lip gloss, etc. I had all the time in the world to experiment, to “put my face on” as I say to my husband before leaving the house. I don’t put make-up on every day like I used to when I was 18, I only really put it on if I am going out for the day. I like to let my skin breathe and don’t see the point in wasting costly cosmetics when I’m just having a pyjama day. Make-up to me is a little pick-me-up, it makes me feel more confident and good about myself when I’m out in the real smelly world. I thought I would share with you a few of my favourites, things I like to use and I have found are amazing for my skin. Enjoy!



I have recently started using a new foundation. I used to use Maybelline Dream Matt but thought it was time for a change, plus I had just run out of my last bottle. Seventeen Sheer Moisture Light Foundation SPF 12 is my new best friend. I find this foundation very easy to apply as it is smooth and silky. I feel like my skin can breathe with it on, also it gives me a bit of sun protection and colour as I can look as pale as snow half the time.


I like to use a little bit of powder on my face after I have finished applying foundation. I find it gives it a finishing touch. I use Pastel Teint Essentiel 65 Sable by Bourjois Paris. Again, like foundation it gives my skin a little bit of colour and doesn’t leave me looking like I work for Willy Wonka.


I only use blusher now and then as my cheeks can get pretty rosy without any help. I have been loving Chilli Pepper London Blusher lately. It’s a gorgeous light pink and has a tiny bit of glitter in it to give you a bit of sparkle. I only ever add just touch of blusher; I don’t go overboard like a scary clown. I believe less is more.



I love using Barry M’s Dazzle Dust. They have so many vibrant varieties that give your eyes an explosion of colour. I use Limited Edition Dazzle Dust LED2 for a night-time look when I’m going to gigs and such with the husband. It’s a beautiful purple that gives my eyes a hint of a gothic look which I love. I also use Dazzle Dust 95 which is an emerald-green. This makes my green eyes stand out loads and is great for using in the day and at night.


As much as I love using eye shadow to va-va-voom my eyes, I also love using glitter eyeliner. I discovered this incredible invention when I was working at Superdrug many years ago. Collection 2000 do a range called Glam Crystals and I just fell in love. I prefer using it to eye shadow as it stays on all day, where eye shadow has a tendency to slowly wear off throughout the day which is a royal pain in the butt. My favourite out of the range is 12 Spandex which is a light glittery green. Again it highlights my green eyes and gives them a boost of colour. My husband loves it when I wear it; I even wore it on our wedding day.


I’m not too fussed when it comes to mascara and I tend to use whatever I can afford at the time. I don’t like to apply tons of it and clog up my lashes. Lately I have been using N07 Intense Volume Waterproof. It seems to do the job just fine. What I really want to try is a purple mascara that Barry M does, it looks interesting. And it’s PURPLE!



I don’t wear a lot of lipstick but lately I am trying different colours out. I’m more a lip gloss kind of gal. The problem I find with lip stick is applying it, it gets on your teeth, goes outside the lines, and it’s a nightmare. But I have found with Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Stick in Nudist by Soap And Glory, it’s a dream to apply. It’s more of a crayon shape which makes it much easier for me to apply. It feels smooth and moisturises my lips. I don’t get that faded look I have had in the past with lip stick, that annoying line outline on your lips that always seems to stay as the rest fades away throughout the day. I have also fallen in love with Barry M Touch Of Magic. I think it is amazing. It looks green but when you apply it, it is a lovely light pink. It lasts throughout the day and shocks people when applying in public. YOU’RE GOING TO PUT BRIGHT GREEN LIPSTICK ON! ARE YOU CRAZY! Yes, yes I am *wink*

Lip Gloss

I have tons of lip gloss, it’s hard to pick one so I will just go with what I use the most at the moment which is Barry M Limited Edition Lip Gloss (Yes, as I am sure you are aware by now I LOVE Barry M) I got this free with a magazine, best make up freebie I have ever gotten. It smells lush! Like strawberries and candyfloss. I could just eat it! Although I probably do throughout the day when it’s on my lips. Anyway, it’s a baby pink with a sparkle of glitter to make your lips look not only kissable but edible too. Yet my husband is not a fun of lip gloss as he finds it gets in the way when we kiss so I don’t wear it around him. I do love my kisses!


Overall I always aim to have a natural look when it comes to make-up. I hate anything thick and heavy, as I always say, less is more. I like to highlight my features and try to achieve the natural beauty look. If I’m going out for a special occasion then I like to add a bit of glam but still keep it light.

However you wear your make-up it’s up to you, enjoy it and experiment! Just remember to take it off before you go to bed. That was my worst habit when I was 18 and out clubbing all night. I would come home and fall straight asleep. Boy was I a horrific sight in the mornings. Oh dear, the days of youth and drunkenness! I hope now I am a little older I am more sensible when it comes to looking after my skin. I really hope I don’t look like one of those people on Snog, Marry, Avoid! EEEEEKKK!

WAHHHHH WAHHHHHHHH WAHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Alert alert crying baby on-board

Published March 26, 2014 by masonlovesdoughnuts

There’s nothing more irritating for your ears then the sound of a screaming baby. We have all been there, sitting on a bus, train, anywhere public and the ear-wrenching cries of an unhappy child have slapped us rudely in the ears.

Until I became a mother I was one of those people who rolled their eyes and turned my iPod up to drown out the sounds of the world, mostly annoying crying babies. But that was because I was naive and had no idea how stressful but normal it is for a baby to cry.

The other day, we took a little family trip into Kingston. My husband had to help out at an event on his university course which involved a concert of trombones. We were foolish at first thinking that Cabbit would be ok but before the concert began I had to take him outside for a change, feed and a much-needed stroll. He was getting fussy and we didn’t want him to cry through the whole thing. But we also don’t want to stop doing things just because we have a baby; we now know the limits of what we can get away with as parents.


Anyway, things went well at university despite Cabbit and I not seeing the concert. He met some new faces and even a little toddler which was a first for him. It wasn’t until we were in Kingston, half way round the shops that he decided he wasn’t happy, I can’t blame him with all of the weirdo’s about. I never realised how much the cries of a baby attract the attention of so many people. I could feel their eyes on us as if to say we were bad parents because he was crying. It angered me in a way as how dare random people make comments on something they know nothing about. You learn these things becoming a parent. That a baby cries and it’s natural. It’s there only way of communication at that age, how else are they supposed to tell you that they need changing or are too hot? Of course you have to ignore people and do what’s best for your child, which we always do. I just hate people judging by what they see; they hear a few seconds of a cry and assume that you can’t take care of you child. How do I know this? The muttering and the tutting. You hear people say “That’s an unhappy baby” or “Sounds like he needs feeding” I would love to tell these people to p*ss off and if I stuck a bottle in his mouth every time he was crying he would become obese! Crying does not always mean a baby is hungry. There are a hundred reasons why a baby could be upset. Too much noise, overtired, needs changing, too hot, too cold, wants cuddles, I could go on.


Lucky for us we were near a Mothercare which is a godsend for any parent as they have big nice changing rooms. So we popped in there and did the normal routine of changing, feeding, burping and cuddles. He calmed down a little but as soon as we left the shop Cabbit started crying again. Lucky for us we had purchased a harness in Mothercare and thought now was as a good as time as any to test it out. After about a minute of Cabbit being in it he fell asleep so we continued our little trip, praying he would stay asleep till we were home. The amount of attention my husband got from wearing the harness was madness. We were in Waterstones looking for The Giraffe And The Pelly And Me by Roald Dahl and the sales assistant was head over heels with Cabbit. People’s heads were turning and cooing as we walked past them, hypnotizing them into a bubbly, gooey-eyed squeaky rabble. We have no problem with people adoring our son it just becomes a nuisance when we are trying to get round the shops and people keep stopping us to dribble over his cuteness. As a family we have limited time together as it is with my husband being busy with university projects. The time we do get as a family is special and we like to make the most of it. I do find it amusing how a sleeping baby is admired and a crying baby is repulsive to people. I need to stop rambling and get back to my point.

After our shopping and browsing in Kingston we popped a sleeping Cabbit back in his pram as we boarded the bus home. Much safer for him to be in the pram on the bus we thought. Boy, did we have hell to pay for thinking of his safety. After about five minutes Cabbit started screaming the place down and the amount of filthy looks we got from passengers was ridiculous. He’s a baby, he is going to cry, and it’s what babies do. We felt helpless as the bus was pretty busy and it would be dangerous to get him out of his pram at only two months old on a moving vehicle. So we had to just wait it out, gently rocking him and trying to calm him with words of love. All of it useless of course. Only when we got home did he stop, which tells us he hates busses just as much as we do. Good boy!

My point is, babies cry and if someone dares to tell me I’m not a good mother because my baby starts crying I will scream in their face just as loudly as my son. I work full-time as a mother and always do what’s best by him. I wish people didn’t think badly of parents because they see a child with tears rolling down their face. Until you’re a parent it’s just a part of life you will find hard to understand until it happens to you. Until it does, just put your earphones back in and turn the volume up.



Story time!

Published March 22, 2014 by masonlovesdoughnuts

It has been just over two months since I gave birth to my son and the blissful moments haven’t stopped since. There are of course times where he drives me up the wall and will not stop crying! But it is of course all part of the wonderful world of parenthood.


One of the things that I look forward to everyday now is reading to my son. My husband is at university during the day so it’s just me and Cabbit at home, along with the piggies of course. We have our own little routine, it has taken weeks to get it but finally some sort of structure is slowly forming. Cabbit will wake up from his nap, I will change him and then he will have his feed while I read to him. I love reading to him, so far our favourites are The Tiger Who Came To Tea and Mog The Forgetful cat series. I do my best to do the character’s voices and show him the pictures, which he grins at. We have recently started Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory By Roald Dahl which just makes the pair of us want chocolate!!! I believe it is important to read to children as soon as possible because even if they can’t understand fully what is going on, they are learning by hearing you talk. I have been told that the more you talk to your baby the more they learn and try to speak. But most importantly why I read to my son is because it’s our time together. It’s just me, him and a book. Perfect! I also love seeing him smile as I fail at doing the voices and his little face looking interested in the story I am telling him. I really can’t wait till he can speak and I can teach him to read, he will know the wonder of books and the inside of a library. I really do hope he is a little bookworm like me.

I’m off to drink some more Early Grey, new favourite tea. I have had a lovely day in the park with Rob, Robert and Jo. We saw ducks and lots of bright yellow daffodils that bring a smile to my face in the warm spring air. It’s the simple things in life that make it worth living.

Book Review-The Understudy By David Nicholls

Published March 13, 2014 by masonlovesdoughnuts

The first time I read David Nicholls’s One Day, I fell in love. I could not stop reading until the last sentence, there was tears in my eyes and my heart was beating at a manic pace. It was a sad day when I finished One Day, I needed more! It has taken about a year (this thing called life keeps getting in the way) but I have managed to finely get a copy of another one of David Nicholls’ masterpieces, The Understudy.


The story follows Stephen C. McQueen, an aspiring actor who is waiting for his chance in the spotlight. Problem is he has been waiting for years which has caused his marriage to crumble into divorce and has forced him live in a small studio apartment where he watches old classic films on the projector, dreaming he will one day be a star. Stephen always ends up playing minor roles in TV shows and plays, parts such as Dead Guy and Ghostly Figure. His latest job is an understudy to the famous actor Josh Harper. Stephen soon enters Josh’s world where booze and one night stands are on the menu but all Stephen has eyes for is Nora, Josh’s wife. The two quickly form a strong friendship but Stephen soon becomes piggy in the middle being forced to lie to Nora about Josh’s dirty little secrets.

I really felt for Stephen, he has lost everything he holds dear, his wife, his daughter, any real chance of making it big and so on. A dark gloomy cloud of depression and despair follows him around daily and he is often caught without an umbrella. I really wanted him to succeed in everything he did. I wanted Josh to fall down the stairs so Stephen could get his big break, for Nora to confess her undying love to him. I couldn’t help but feel sorry for the guy; he is just mired in bad luck. The scene where he turns up to Josh’s party and  thinks he has been invited as a friend only to discover he is being paid to serve drinks made me cringe with embarrassment for him.  He’s extremely lonely and thought for once that someone wanted to spend time with him. I think we can all relate to that, wanting to make friends and impress people only to be let down and made to feel a little foolish.

Overall I enjoyed every single page of The Understudy. David Nicholls has a talent for writing underdog characters and making the reader able to relate to them emotionally. I found it extremely hard to put his books down, once I start reading I want to read until the end. I enjoyed the ending, I thought it fitted perfectly. It left me hopeful for Stephen that things will work after all the pain and loneliness he has suffered, that he can start again and maybe this time he will get it right.

Next book on my reading list is Billy And Me By Giovanna Fletcher.


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